What happens if you drive your car with low fuel light ON

Driving around with the low fuel light on is one of those things that we know we shouldn't do but still let happen from time to time.Whatever the price of fuel, it can be tough for some drivers to simply fill up the tank. But waiting until your tank is almost empty before a fill-up could end up costing you more than you think.

Here's the main problem which we have find out that the most drivers don't actually know how far they'll make it after the warning light turns on. And on top of that, there's more at stake than many people realize when you let your fuel tank run that low.

Firstly you should know that First, the fuel gauge isn't always accurate. In fact, how precise your car's gauge is relies on a variety of factors, including your driving style and your car's fuel economy. 
Also if you are allowing the level of fuel in the tank to run low can damage your car.

the Fuel in your car "acts like a coolant for the electric fuel-pump motor, so when you run very low, this allows the pump to suck in air, which creates heat and can cause the fuel pump to wear prematurely and potentially fail." And the repair could cost you more than cost to fill up the tank.

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