Most popular hatchback hyundai i10 will be discontinued soon

At the present scenario, the hyundai motors has planned to phase out its popular hatchback car i 10 due to the focus of more premium & efficient products.

Hyundai motors wholly owned subsidiary company which has recently stopped the production of small car which was launched at market in 2007. Till the date its ruuning very succesful has almost sold 17 lakhs unit as per our resources news which we got . Its seems to be the one of the best product which has helped hyundai motors to grow up in indian market.

The many models and smilar hatchback car where introduced in the market . The south korean family has already launched a replacement of grand i10. Actually the grand i10 was supposed to be replaced by i 10

Now it has planned to manufacture eight new products in 2017-20 out of which three will be completly the fresh models in the cars and rest will be the version of the existing ones. 

In terms of pollution also hyundai has focused to explore the alternative fuels technologies and avail the benefits from the government. 

Source : indiatoday
Image Source : Hyundaimotors


  1. It was awesome, I really surprised about i10 mileage. Very smooth condition and better performance.


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