Check about the New Technology Camera and sensor wash system in Cars

Foreign materials which enteted into the system  like dust, mud, road salt, snow and other related debris which can cause lens or sensor obstruction that will lead to degraded or non-functional system performance. 

Any vehicle using optical or sensor that is dependendable  systems which needs a clear, unobstructed surface for functioning properly to ensure safe operation.

 The number of cameras and sensors which are present in the systems based on new vehicles is ever increasing and 360 surround-view parking assist systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) had made the integration of cameras and sensors into vehicles commonplace. 

dlhBOWLES' (Canton, OH) Camera and Sensor that Wash ensures that these systems operate at peak efficiency. 

Key advantages of the system include oscillating spray, optimized flow rate, targeted spray area, optimized packaging and non-invasive integration. 

there are two types of nozzle which is bring used in this system.

    1. Telescoping Nozzles

    Unrestricted camera field of view
    Protection from the environmental debris
    Totally invisible behind a styled cap
    2. Fixed Nozzles
    Maximum durability
    Styled to match 
content Source : Dlhbowles
image source : Evyn Security, 

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