Delphi next-gen GDCI

Delphi's  third-generation gasoline direct-injection compression-ignition (GDCI) combustion system will attain a thermal efficiency of 42%, This thermal efficiency will be one of the highest efficiency to be claimed
This engine will have approximately 22% better thermal efficiency than a current conventional spark-ignited gasoline engine with direct fuel injection and 11% better than a 2L diesel engine. 

This engine includes following technology 

  •  “wetless” combustion, 
  •   quicker cold-start operation
  •   an optimized low-temperature exhaust after treatment 

Features of engine:

  • compression ratio to 16:1
  • Increased longer stroke
  • Increased top-dead-center piston clearance
  • Advanced fuel injectors->350 bar (5076 psi) and provide three injection event

Features related to emission :

  • Low-temperature catalyst,
  • Intake-air heater, 
  • Gasoline particulate filter
  • SCR - urea injection

Image Source : SAE 
content Source :SAE

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