Why Fluid Maintenance in Cars is so important ?

Cars really need a ton of maintenance to keep running smoothly. The easiest way or thing anyone can do is to check the fluids to ensure your car stays healthy. With that in mind, here are the four fluids you should check on a regular basis.

1 . Brake fluid is to defined about to internal contamination (wear from internal parts) but also from external sources such as (moisture and condensation).

2  Oil Check :
The Chances are really such a way that the first thing you ever learned about on your first car was how to check your oil. we have to do this in every car and pretty much every car has the same basic process to check.

3. Transmission fluid which requires to keeps the gears on your car moving smoothly. we can check your transmission fluid the same way as your engine oil, except the car should be running when you do it.

Unlike your engine oil, transmission fluid is part of a closed system, so it should never be low.

4. The power steering fluid which helps to keep your steering smooth and easy. When the power steering fluid starts  getting low, we might feel a "creaking" in the steering wheel or hear some weird sounds. To check this, all you need to do is pop the hood and find the reservoir.

image Source : autocheck, Carcare

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