Future in electric turbocharger

Honeywell’s chief technology officer for transportation system business, says electrification is coming to turbochargers in regular passenger cars. These e-turbos won’t just boost engine performance, they will also generate electricity, lightening the load on the alternator and helping to improve fuel economy

What is mean by electric turbocharger:
electric supercharger are motor driving a compressor, and connected to turbocharger. So it is an additional device. In electric turbocharger, motor is placed on the shaft turbocharger as shwon

An electric supercharger is used to spin up the compressor at start and through the lower revs, and when the exhaust volume is enough, pass the work over to the turbocharger.
In general ,electric turbochargers are smaller electric superchargers combined with a conventional, exhaust-driven turbocharger.
electric superchargers:

  1. Electric motor eliminating turbo lag
  2.  E-turbo is still using exhaust gas, but it is uses the electric motor to spool up the turbo faster. When you have excess exhaust gas, you can run the motor in generating mode. You can extract the energy out of that exhaust gas, create electricity and feed it back into the vehicle network. 
  3. Fewer parts, because you’re not adding an extra package to the engine

  • Image & Content Source : autonews,google,Honeywell

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