Bajaj Qute a new age of vehicle in India will be launching by end of 2017

Qute is actually  motorised quadricycle defined by weight, power and speed. It weighs under 450kgs, that is, 37% lighter than the smallest car in the market .  Being light in weight also makes it an energy efficient vehicle.  

Engine: 216.6cc CNG and LPG variants available
Peak Power: 13.2 PS
Max Speed: 70 Kmph

Qute can sits on a water-cooled Digital Tri-Spark ignition 4-valve engine and a closed loop fuel injection system. This helps it in delivering high performance in power and control. With a really small turning circle radius of 3.5m, Qute is really equipped to take the twists and turns of urban roads with ease.    

Bajaj has been the pioneer of last mile city transport. It’s auto rickshaw was an Indian icon recognized around all over the world. With the urban landscape changing in last few years, Bajaj has once again pioneered had transformation in the way modern India will move by introducing Qute- a smart move for solving the urban problems. 

It has sequential gear shift like motorcycles with 5 forward gear and 1 reverse gear . Storage Capacity Front - 60 Litres. 

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