Vehicle Homologation

Prior to marketing and sales of motor vehicles, automotive systems and their components need to have type approvals according to the official standards of their destination countries. These standards aim at improving active and passive car safety, environmental protection as well as the quality of products and production process. Homologation could be in the form of:
  • A self-certification by the manufacturer; or
  • Certification carried out by a Government nominated Agency after verification of all relate regulations and standard (TYPE APPROVAL).
USA is one of the main countries where self-certification is being practiced whereas India follows the 'Type Approval Scheme".

Indian Type Approval Scheme

The Indian system is basically modelled on the European system (ECE). Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRT&H) is the ultimate authority for administering rules and regulations and their implementation for motor vehicles. In this matter, MoRT&H is assisted by 2 committees:
  •     Standing Committee on Emission (SCOE) dealing with matters related to exhaust emission.
  • ·  CMVR Technical Standing Committee (CMVR-TSC) dealing with all other matters.

Regulatory Framework in India

The homologation process consists of several steps:
  • Component approval (lamps, mirrors, tires etc.).
  • System approvals (breaking, exhaust emission etc.).
  • Whole vehicle type approval (WVTA) / Vehicle certification test.
For each item, the Indian authority chosen by the manufacturer will issue a system approval according to each applicable CMVR. Those approvals are based on test reports prepared by an officially recognized testing organization like ARAI, ICAT, GARC etc. Once all approvals are collected, the testing organization issues the report for the approval as a basis for the homologation certificate. This certificate is recognized in all Countries as mentioned in test Report.

Source & Image Courtesy: Tuv-nordindian auto homologation


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