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Vehicle recycling involves the dismantling of the vehicle. Recycling is a great way to protect natural resources by ensuring all environmentally hazardous vehicles are destroyed & re-used properly. Most old vehicles emit a large number of toxins into the environment if left to just rust and rot. Almost all the parts of a vehicle can be recovered, with a recycling rate of greater than 90 percent. Mostly recycled parts of a car include tires, windshield glass, batteries, steel and iron, wheels, radiators, transmissions, rubber hoses, carpets, car seats, belts, oil filters, and mats. Every year in the U.S. alone, around 220 million old tires are generated, with a recycling rate of about 80 percent.  Commonly, recycled tires are used in pavement bases to make new roadways. Recycled glass from automotive is used to create tile flooring, glass beads, porcelain, countertops, and jewelry. Recycling a ton glass can save around 10 gallons of oil from being employed in the production of new g…

Tata New Discovery Upcoming SUV TQ 501 in 2018

Code named car as per our research sources -Q501, this can be one which will be Tata Motors' most premium SUV in India. The new SUV will be positioned as a 'mid sized SUV' and will be built on the older but very capable Free lander 2 platform. The new Free lander 2 based SUV will be launched in India in late 2018 and will be available in two seating configurations - a 5 or 7.

The new SUV will also possibly be getting all-wheel-drive straight out at the time of launch and should ideally be getting a set of petrol and diesel engines in order to compete with the likes of the Jeep Compass and the Hyundai Tucson along with larger SUVS like the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour.

With the all-new Tata Q501, the company aims to foray into the growing premium SUV segment which is currently ruled by Toyota Fortunerand Ford Endeavour. The new Tata SUV is likely to be based on a new design language that will also be used for the brand’s next-generation models. The latest spy pi…

Ford Model- T

It will not be an overreaction when we’ll say, that Ford T revolutionized the world. Before model T hit the market, only rich people could afford to have a car. Thanks to Ford T debut thought. common middle-class American could have their own family car. It is without a doubt one of the most important cars in the history of automotive industry.

It is now commonly regarded as a first affordable automobile in the world, and for sure he is an ancestor of the likes like Fiat 500, WV Beetle, WV Golf, so different examples of cars, that were produced for the masses. How important feat it is will best express the fact, that this car won the award for Most Influential Car of the 20th Century, chosen by voters from around the world.

First T Model left production line in 1908. It instantly becomes a big hit, cause it stands out among other cars. It wasn’t like other cheap automobiles, but Ford T for low price provided durability, versatility, ease of maintenance (also in terms of affordability…

Biometric Vehicle Access

Biometric technology is an automated access monitoring system, based on behavioral or physiological characteristics, used for verification and recognition of a manual access.

Many versions of biometric security system are available in the market such as voice verification, fingerprints, hand geometry and retina/ iris/ face recognition. It’s a user-friendly, reliable and convenient identification and monitoring method.

The utilization of biometric identification can blend nicely with the existing automotive security systems and offer a higher degree of multi-level protection.

Every person has multiple distinctive identifiers useable in biometric technology. Current markers include: Fingerprints
Palm prints
Hand geometry
Retina and iris recognition
Facial recognition

Since these particular traits are difficult or impossible to duplicate, they have multiple benefits when used in biometric technology.

Source : Proctocars, automobilesecurity.

Choose your first bike

Are you actually looking for pure performance or it’s just a case of convenience, there’s a motorbike to suit your every need. But if you’re new to the road, or a biking beginner, there’s a couple of things to consider before you set off.

simple steps to be followed : You might come from a family of bikers, or you might just be looking for a cost-effective commute, either way there’s a few things you’ll need to tackle before you take to the rider’s seat. The type of bike you want to ride will affect the licence you’ll require and the insurance price you’re offered so it’s worth taking some time to consider your options.

Choosing your first bike can be an exciting time. If you’re getting on the road for the first time, you might be feeling a pretty big sense of achievement as independence looms large. 

But with so many bikes on the market it can sometimes be a bit of a daunting task trying to find one that’s right for you. Are you looking for a little run-around or something pumped up …