Tyre Changing in just 20 seconds

Performed activity at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi UAE

  1. Remove the plastic wheel trim (if fitted) by prising it off. Using the wheel brace, loosen the nuts on the wheel you're changing by half a turn in an anti-clockwise direction. If they're stiff, use your body weight on the wheel brace to shift them.
  2. Keep raising your car. Once the wheel is just clear of the road, unscrew the wheel nuts in diagonal pairs and remove. Place them together in a pocket or cup so you don't lose them.Remove the wheel carefully, as it will be heavy and dirty. 
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  1. Fit the spare wheel ensuring it's the correct way round. Fit the wheel nuts in diagonal pairs and turn until finger-tight. Place the wheel flat under the raised sill of the car as a safety cushion again.
  2. Fully tighten the wheel nuts using the wheel brace.
  3. Put your tools and damaged wheel in your boot. Refit the plastic wheel trim.  

Source : Angielist, cardrive


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