BMW Records

Car Model: 2017 BMW M5
Location: BMW Performance Center, Greer, South Carolina
Date: 11th December 2017

longest Vehicle Drift In 8 Hours
BMW M5 refuel mid drift to take 2 GUINNESS WORLD RECORD

On December 11th, 2017 BMW Drivers, Johan Schwartz and Matt Mullins, teamed up to set THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for Longest Vehicle Drift in 8 hours. In order for Johan to continuously drift the greatest distance possible, he must complete the world’s first ever tandem drift refuel with Matt so that he will have enough gas to achieve his goal without stopping. Ride along with Johan Schwartz, Matt Mullins and Matt Butts in the all-new BMW M5 with M xDrive as they team up to shatter world records.

Record Car Driver: Johan Schwartz
Refuel Driver: Matt Mullins
Refueler: Matt Butts

Guinness world record community changed the rules now and allowed to stop the drift car and refuel it but the BMW community find it boring to stop the car and refuel to. so they decided to do car to car refuelling while on the track.
They tried to make some custom setting in the car like they cleared out the trunk area i.e back seat out. mount a custom fuel cell in the trunk area.

Once we plug in the injector and flip to switch to transfer the fuel during the drift. to transfer the fuel in 50 sec while both the cars drifting at the same speed about 2 feet away and then the record car can be apart and can continue upon.
The test day was the first attempt at a mid drift car to car refuel transfer and it was not a success.
But on the official day it worked and successfully 5 times refuelling is done in between drifting.

1st fuel attempt when 4:44:56.41 hours left
2nd fuel attempt when 3:29:58.37 hours left
3rd fuel attempt when 2:58:59.05 hours left
4th fuel attempt when 2:13:59.49 hours left
5th fuel attempt when —
they make sure, that they don’t run out of fuel.

They set out to reclaim Guinness World Record title for
Longest Vehicle Drift in 8 hours with 5 times refuelling while drifting for 232.5 miles i.e 374.17Km
previous record was of 89.55 miles

BMW also claim the new record for
Longest Twin Vehicle Drift (water assisted) for 39.25 miles.

Source : youtube bmw records

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