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Weight: Weight of a car is a measure of how heavy or light it is. Weight is a force dependent on object’s mass. The mass of the object multiplied by the magnitude of gravitational field. This weight has a significant effect on the acceleration of the object.Lift: Lift is created by movement of the air around an object. It is the sum of all fluid dynamic forces on a body normal to the direction of external flow around the body.

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Drag: Just as wind friction causes drag in an automobile, aerodynamic friction and displacement of air during creates aerodynamic DRAG. Drag occurs any time that air is displaced from its normal condition.Downforce: Downforce is simply the force acting down on the ground. On our car we have a force which acts down on the ground to keep the car fixed to the track as it is going around corners.Thrust: When a body is in motion a drag force is created which opposes the motion of the object so thrust can be the force produce in opposite direction to drag that is higher than that of drag so that the body can move through the fluid.


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