The step towards new innovation-ADAS VS HMI

Will Human-Machine Interfaces make or break Advanced Driving Assistance Systems.

Source: adas-vs-hmi

As per the news spread regarding the industry which continues to move towards higher levels of automation, many OEMs are planning to launch cars capable of SAE Level 3 within the next 12 months, i.e. vehicles capable of automating the act of driving in certain scenarios to the point that the driver can engage in a secondary.

As per the sources-The 5 Series got tested at the same time as its market competitor, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Interestingly, while these cars exist in the same segment and offer similar features, they found that the two vehicles implement these in very different ways and showing that there is currently no agreed upon best practice. 

1.Adaptive Cruise Control.
2. Steer Assist.
3. LDW
4.Blind Spot Monitor

Source: adas-vs-hmi

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