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The real advancements in now enabled the connected cars which are astonishing. When these huge advances happened , they were mostly mechanical and  a bigger engine, more efficient transmissions, safer brakes, and much more i.e cloud computing is which is all about delivering on-demand computing services over the internet .

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The connecting cars technology are bringing the world towards the new development and growth in
the automotive industry. With this connected car technology that can lead this industry into the best security offer and provide the services at global scale that makes relationship better between the customer and service provider  to start  and expand the right  time to manage the  connectivity for the entire vehicle life Cycle.

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Volvo Cars are now used to the  Connected Vehicle Cloud to enable digital vehicle services in more than 120 markets. Since 2012, Volvo Cars having great partnership  with Ericsson to provide cars, drivers and passengers worldwide access to cloud services. Now With this  automated emergency calls, remote control functions and in-car infotainment, Really the Volvo Cars have applied connectivity to further cement their reputation for safety, practicality and comfort.

How this Big data at work

We are curious to know about the car cloud computing which is now a days  on-demand services, So there is a natural byproduct of that which is called as data harvesting.The  Big data start drives everything from localisation and targeted to the  advertising, right through to understanding why a mechanical component failed prematurely and when it comes to the automotive industry, they’re ready to take full advantage.

Part of the problem with full autonomy is the ability (or lack of) to make decisions outside of a pre-set formulation. However, if a series of connected cars are able to send, receive and more importantly, act upon  live data such as traffic conditions, weather and routing, the whole self-driving experience could take an advanced step.

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So to meet the same, the car manufacturers have started using cloud systems that  could evaluate and store data to change the manufacturing process, increase the period between routine service, allow for bespoke options or perhaps even give a live optimization setting for the current journey.

In the next article we will post several facts and technical knowledge on vehicle cloud computing .
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