Auto Industries may get affected due to CORONA VIRUS

As per the sources -the spreading of Corona Virus from China to entire world , A statement from the industry body said that the disruption caused by the coronavirus has hit the automotive industry and eventually also affected the automotive component and forging industries.

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  1. Some automotive plants in China are reopening as the worldwide expansion of the corona virus continues, but sales in China so far in February pretty much fell off a cliff. 
  2. Some effects of the virus have reached Europe which may plan for temporary closure.
As per the sources - China’s factories are beginning to come back to life after an extended lock down in the country’s industrial hubs, and that is good news for several Indian car makers that have their supply chains located beyond the Great Wall.

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The resumption of auto-component supplies have  also come at a time the Indian industry is seeking to transition into stricter emission norms, leapfrogging from stage IV to VI in the next fiscal year starting April 1.

The global automobile industry is well prepared to deal with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak due to its strong supply chain management mechanism .

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Every manufacturer has set up processes, procedures and teams to deal with that (supply chain disruptions). We believe the industry should be able to mitigate to some extent the impacts (of the coronavirus

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