Car Material Scrapping Innovative Ideas

You remember those old cars that now one can make a good use of the old cars keeping it inside the home. A brilliant ideas which can come with Classic car couches for the different kind of furniture.

                                                               Image Source Paulscrap:
The car couch Mostly people will say that they look fantastic but will not fit in the living room. They are perfect for a lobby at the office or a den in your home.

Re-purposed car front end. Very cool! Think I'll make one for the ...


Custom Car Furniture Project - Learn Auto Body And Paint

The Same way we can use the tire, seat  and make the sofa set


Source : Goodhome DEsign Alex Simpson Bespoke Furniture and Decorative ...

It can be one more comfortable and useful furniture as your bed

18 Brilliant Pieces of Furniture Made from Recycled Car Parts ...

Source : Blazepress Alex Simpson Bespoke Furniture and Decorative ...

As Innovative Engine Center Table.


15 Cool Furniture Made From Old Car Parts - DriveSpark

Image Source: Cardrive spark

21 Awesome Examples Of Car Furniture

Source : Carthrottle

furniture made from car parts | Furniture Made From Car Parts ...

                                                          Source : Pintrest

It can be body massage seat  also.

1959 Dual Massage Sofa (Cadillac) –

Image Source : Carfurniture.

It can be your office table also how cool it is .

Car furniture: Rover chairs | From a BMW sofa to a Mustang pool ...

Image Source : Telgraph

One more beyond the imagination which i liked the most as Cloth Haanger

19 DIY Automotive Furniture Car Part Ideas (Update 2019)

Image Source : AnvilMagzine

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