Future of Mobility - Shared, Self Driven & Electric

With increasing urbanization come environmental challenges due to high levels of vehicle emissions. To combat this, governments across the world have announced regulations on emissions and efficiency that are expected to become stringent with time. In the case of India, crude oil imports account for a significant portion of the current account deficit and also create dependence on certain global regions to meet fuel needs of the country.

The global automotive industry is on the verge of disruption due to the outcomes of four key technology-driven trends—electrification, shared mobility, connectivity, and, autonomous driving. As per a NITI Aayog report, India could save 64 percent of energy demand for road transport and 37 percent of carbon emissions by 2030 by pursuing a shared, electric and connected mobility future.

Three drivers behind electrification trend

     CO2 regulations
World leaders committed to reducing CO2 emissions & regulation requires electrification to meet targets
High interest and willingness to invest in alternative, green technologies & Governments thrive for reduced oil dependence
     Changing mobility patterns
Mobility options like car-sharing, bike-sharing, ride-sharing (carpooling and vanpooling) and on-demand ride services are gaining significant traction in metropolises. Shared mobility offers easy, on-demand availability, the flexibility to choose vehicle type as per need and freedom from parking hassles. It also cuts down costs related to car ownership, such as maintenance, service, and insurance.
Over the last decade, over 30 participants have entered this market, offering some form of shared mobility service. The future outlook for shared mobility services remains strongly positive. All in all, the demand for these ride-sharing platforms is increasing and the country is running on it daily. In the long-term, services will expand and strengthen in tier-3 cities as well. 

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