Do you know Cars can talk to each other using V2X Communications

Hello Readers, after a short pause i am resuming with an interesting topic for all my readers i.e V2X Connectivity Technology. This is in trend since last year in the filed of Automotive Industry. So here we are to describe you first what is V2X Technology and how it is useful for the Automotive Industry.

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Vehicle to Vehicle is referred as connection between the two vehicles to transfer & exchange the data and maintain the communication using wireless technology. It will be having a defined frequency in GHz for short range communications which is integrated with WiFi for the fast moving objects. 

AT&T, Ford, Nokia and Qualcomm to jointly test cellular-V2X ...

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By sharing the information about their position and speed to the surrounding vehicles and infrastructure V2X communication can improve driver awareness for upcoming dangers and collision avoidance which can save a human life and reduce the injury severity.

Also it will enhance the traffic efficiency by giving warning for traffic congestion ahead .

Applied Information & Qualcomm to Integrate C-V2X Technology in Traffic Signals in Hawaii 

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Several components in V2X are classified below:

1. V2V (Vehicle-to-vehicle)

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2. V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure)Rubén M.Cenzano: Siemens to provide V2I technology for Florida ...

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3. V2N (Vehicle-to-Network)

Vehicle to Everything (V2X)

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4. V2P( Vehile to Pedestrian)

IoT on Green: How Audi is Using Vehicle-to-Infrastructure ...

This technology more over sounds like cars will be talking to other cars and to infrastructures such as traffic lights, parking spaces and pedestrian crossing using cellular networks.

V2X communication at a crossroad.

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V2X communications goes beyond the limited sensors such as camera, RADAR and LIDAR and covers V2V and V2I for collision warnings, speed limit alerts, electronic parking and toll payments.

In our next article, we will post about how this communication works.

Thank you for your comment. Keep reading will post more to keep you updated.

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