Check how an auto rickshaw turned into a dwelling house

Arun Prabhu, native of Chennai (Tamilnadu) India, has made a wonderful concept of making a dwelling house on an auto rickshaw. This 23 year old man was researching on slum housing in Chennai and Mumbai, while studying in an architect college in Chennai, where he realized that the small spaces can be improved in a smart way to get all the necessities like bedroom, kitchen and bathroom

According to him, the main concept is to use small space effectively. People believed that house or office cannot be built in a small space.

Image Source: thebetterindia

So he appeared with the idea of house on the wheels. This house on an auto rickshaw is transportable, detachable and can also be used as a normal auto rickshaw. It has kitchen, bed, wardrobe, toilet, bathtub, overhead tank. He has also given proper ventilation to the vehicle by installing windows on 3 of the sides. It also has a battery installed inside where the energy is stored using a 600 W solar panel.

Let's take a tour inside


4 feet and 2 inches kitchen, which have sink, a little space to place gas stove, a small rack for dishes and also an exhaust fan.

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It has a single bed adjacent to the full width window with a work table installed on the wall. An arc like ceiling is made above bed so the person don't feel congested and have comfortable spacing.

Image Source : timesofindia


There is a small closet on one side of the wall including, shoe rack and hangers.


Toilet seat has a little water storage capacity to use for flush.

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A 2 feet water tank with the capacity of 250 liter is placed on the top and it has a filter in case something fells into it. 

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Cantilever umbrella and a lounge chair is also place at the top of the structure where one can sit back and relax to get a nice 360° view. Both chair and umbrella are removable and foldable that can be dumped inside when vehicle is moving. The empty space can be used for luggage.

This is indeed a great invention but you all must be thinking about it's stability. Well, the weight is distributed evenly on this structure which makes it even more interesting, isn't it?

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