Future Fuel : An Alternative or necessity?

By: Utkarsh Shukla 

Petrol and diesel dominated the whole automotive industry since 18th century, when I.C. engine was invented. But these fuels are harmful as well as limited. We have to think about its alternatives. Let’s take a look at some future fuel options and also compare them with petrol and diesel. 

I know this is the first thing that will come in everyone's mind. Of course, this is going to be the most efficient fuel. Latest figures show that there are over 5.6 million electric vehicles running worldwide. However it is not enough but it’s a good start. There is still a long way to go. 

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Vs Petrol/diesel-Electricity neither does any emission nor is it a limited source. Tesla is the leading company making awesome electric cars (followed by Nissan and BAIC motors). 

Hydrogen can be used as fuel burned with oxygen either as fuel cells or I.C. engines. It is the most powerful fuel in the list. 

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Vs Petrol/diesel-With the heat value of 120-142 MJ per Kg (Heat value of petrol and diesel is 42-46 MJ/Kg) and no emission of greenhouse gas, this hydrogen fuel is ahead of the pack. But the difficulty is that hydrogen fuel is extracted by water or hydrocarbon and the process of this extraction involves high levels of energy which again comes from power plants. Sooner or later if the solution of this problem is found then it will be a big success in industry. 

BMW already sells some cars run using hydrogen fuel. In 2020, Some hydrogen-powered cars like Hyundai Nexo, Toyota Mirai, Honda Clarity etc are available in the market. 

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel which can be made from vegetable oils, animal fats etc. Biodiesel is a direct replacement for diesel and can be used in any diesel engine without modifications. So it is the most convenient fuel of the list. 

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Vs Diesel-Pure biodiesel (also known as B100) reduces CO2 emission by more than 75% compared with normal Diesel. There is no harm to the environment due to biodiesel leaking. The risk is also very low because it’s flashpoint is 130° Celsius, three times more than diesel. 

Natural gas 
Natural gas always listed as a fossil fuel but few people knows that renewable natural gas does exist that is Biomethene. It is produced from waste through anaerobic digestion. 

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Vs Petrol/diesel-Apart from residential, industrial and commercial, natural gas is also used in vehicles but only 0.1%. With availability of renewable natural gas this percentage will increase. Whereas with near about zero emission this is also an environment friendly fuel. 
Apart from the above classification, there are some other fuel options that maybe used not directly but subsidiary. 

Kinetic energy 
There is a loss of energy every time when the car brakes. This loss of kinetic energy can be converted into electric energy. Many electric cars and some I.C. engine cars have brake energy regeneration systems to achieve the goal. 

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Heat energy 
Approx 66% of the energy generated by petroleum is wasted as heat. Thermoelectric technology converts this heat into electricity. This technology is already under development by various car companies. 

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Petrol and diesel are unsustainable model because of its finite availability and fluctuating price. It is also very harmful for our environment. So, everything has its Bans and Booms. They boomed a lot now it’s time to ban.


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