Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR: An Eye Vision for Future Cars

By Utkarsh Shukla

Future car or the future of cars, whatever you say will almost similar. Mercedes Benz has come with a revolution. Revolution that will change the entire automotive industry. Most fascinating concept car of the company is now arrive for the road test. This 2+2 seater electric sport car is named as Vision AVTR.


The car is inspired by the movie AVATAR. Company first shown its concept in CES 2020(January) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let see what are the features that makes it revolutionary. 


The car look like a complete aerodynamic power house. Painted in Alubeam silver, this car reminds of company’s SLS special edition. LEDs are situated as well as coded very intelligently. Blinking dim lights look like car is breathing and they fully lit up when anyone approaches to it.

Image : Autoevolution

 Most attractive exterior part of the car are wheels. The design of the wheel based on wood sprites of AVATAR. It blinks like the color of nature i.e. air, water, earth, fire respectively.


Image : Gstatic

Doors are made of fully transparent glass as linking outside world to internal occupants. It is the feel of nature merging to technology.

Image : Wheelz


If there is still nothing new in it, then let’s take a tour of the interior. Inner roof is made of color changing fabric. Depending on ambient light, it changes from deep blue to light blue like the color of sea. Leather of the seats, named as DINAMICA, made from plastic bottles, old flags and clothings. Head rest of driver and co-driver is directly connected with rear seat. It indicates the connection among occupants. Amazing isn’t it?

Image: Carcious


AVTR is an all wheel drive of 350kW power, where fully individual motors are fitted in every wheel. The whole credit goes to the engineers for its synchronization and torque distribution. Power generated by battery is Graphene based organic cell. It is 100% recyclable with no emission and no use of rare metals. Company claims that it will be fully charged in 15 minutes. Thanks to its revolutionary battery technology.

Image : Gstatic


In this section we will first talk about the steering but here is a twist. The car comes with no steering but a Centre Merge Controller. Whenever driver touch the controller it starts pulsating and will match driver’s heartbeat. It is a sign of the connection between car and the driver. As the controller is situated at the Centre the co-driver also can take charge from driver. It crawls sidewise at approx 30 degrees like crab movement, which will be helpful to overcome parking problems.

Image : Mercedez

The most innovative thing in the car is its bionic flaps situated on the rear side. These 33 flaps are very important part of the car. These are helpful in terms of aerodynamics and car’s stability. They move very intelligently with speed and makes a down force and also move to help braking. Flaps turns red when brake applies, while rest of the time it is blued.

Image : MercedezBenz

So we can say that though it was a fantasy but now real. With some of the mind blowing technologies like bionic flaps, crab movement, efficient battery and AI technology it is the most futuristic car till date. But it is also sustainable and environment friendly vehicle because of no emission.


Apart from that, vehicle connects everything surprisingly. Driver can connect with external environment while driving, through the transparent doors and those bionic flaps. Also driver makes a connection with the car itself through Centre Merge Controller. Driver and co-driver both can drive the car so it is comfortable for long drive.


Congratulations to the team of Mercedes Benz for this extraordinary, eco friendly and innovative vehicle.

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