How to keep your Car free from Corona Virus - Part 2

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-We have learnt in our previous article how to keep our car free from corona virus. But the sanitization of car is not that simple. All the places mentioned (in our previous article) are made up of different materials. So we have to distinguish the cleaning procedure on the basis of materials.

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Hard surface(plastic or metal)

Hard surfaces of the car is non-reactive with alcohol. For this type of surface any sanitizer with isopropyl alcohol (70% or above concentration) is the best option. You can simply wipe down all the places by using sanitizer with a micro fiber cloth. Steering wheel(without cover), dash, door handles, armrests, seat adjusters, cup holders etc. are the examples of hard surfaces.

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Leather surfaces

The cleaning of leather surface is little tricky. You cannot apply any kind of alcohol based cleaner as it can ruin your whole upholstery. But you can use normal soap and water. And the tricky part is that you have to avoid foam and excess water. Foam is not good for leather and excess water can make it soggy and smelly. Also apply a conditioner after cleaning.

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If there is any kind of display screen in your car than always use a common glass cleaner because anything with ammonia other chemical can damage the antiglare coating of the screen.

Don’t use bleach products, ammonia based or hydrogen peroxide based products in interiors. And also keep these products in your car

·         Hand sanitizer

·         Disinfectant wipes

·         Mask and disposable gloves

 Have a virus free journey.

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