Do you know how the 2 Post Car Lift is used while servicing the Vehicle

  Hello, Today I am here to pen down about how the Service Centers follows the process of Servicing & Inspection of Cars. Once you give vehicle to the service Center, the following procedures carry out by the assigned Service Engineer. 

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1. Service representative first creates the Job Order by listing down all the issues highlighted by the Customer and provides the delivery receipt to the owner of the Car.

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2. Vehicle will then be thoroughly inspected and parked between 2 post car lift which is used for lifting the vehicles up to the 6feet height and the technician will check all the below parts mainly the transmission parts and  the brakes calipers.

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4. After the full inspection is completed, the 2 post car lift controller is set to the down position to match the ground level and then the vehicle is taken back from the two pole post and then given to the respective technician as per the issues found during observation. 

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5. After the basic checks, the Engine Oil, Air Filter, fuel filter, cabin a/c filter are being changed. 

6. Checking for the spark Plugs and refilling of the brake fluid and Clutch fluids.

7. Checking the coolant and battery Charging the system.

8. Checking for the proper lubrications and greasing of the components.

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9. Checking the tires condition, performing wheel alignment if required.

10. Checking for the proper functionality of the system wiper, door, headlamps.

11. Checking for the errors if any Diagnostic Trouble codes found and fixing them using the Tool.

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12.  Prepare the reports for the list of issues found and fixed  

13. Dispatch the vehicle to the Washing Area where the vehicle will thoroughly clean from inside and outside and for the lower portion the car is lifted using the 2 post to clean the lower portion dirt with high stream pressure jet.

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14. After Cleaning, the vehicle is handover to the respective service engineer with reports and then the engineer will call the customer & inform about the readiness for the vehicle.

15. Final Inspecting - vehicle will be given to the Driver for testing trials to ensure the vehicle has no more issue and all are fixed which were highlighted by the customer while receiving the vehicle.

16. Preparing  the invoice and readiness for the delivery of the vehicle for the customer.

17. Signing off all the documents and handover the vehicle keys to the Customer .

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18. Going for the joint drive with Customer to make him satisfied and assure the issues are fixed and vehicle is running smooth. 

19. Vehicle will be taken by the owner and the Service Center will follow up to check the satisfaction level and performance of the vehicle after the servicing.

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