Steps towards the Smart Electric Scooter by Two Wheeler Manufacturers

When we remember our childhood and miss those joyful scooter rides with dad, then we make the image of the same old scooter with IC engine. Image like Bajaj Chetak, Bajaj supreme and many more.

With the change in time, there have been innovations and improvements in scooters as well. The advanced version of  Scooters in which IC Engines are replaced by the Electric Motor is called E-Scooter.

Where transportation sector is one of the biggest contributing factors in increasing air pollution in India, Electric two-wheelers are the best way for consumers to contribute towards improving air quality in India and preventing the environment.

Image Source : heroelectric

The first E-Scooter which entered in the Indian market was YO Bikes but it proved to be dead in the water as there's less coverage and people were not pleased with pick up or acceleration or ease of charging the vehicle.

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Now with respect to above points, many automotive manufacturers are working on improved version of electric scooter such as TVS iQube & Hero Electric. 

TVS iQube

The TVS iQube gives the coverage of 75km with top speed of 78kmph.

Image Source: tvsmotor

It is equipped with silent motor hub which has peak of 4.4KW and ensures there is minimal loss of the transmission and having acceleration to reach 0-40 in just 4.2 seconds.

Image Source: tvsmotor

Hero Electric Scooter

With this smart move of hero electric, they are bringing an aerodynamic designed body with large comfort of seats attached with telescopic suspension and equipped with Lithium Ion battery which are lighter, durable and have more efficiency & ecofriendly. 

Image Source: heroelectric

The most attractive part is it gets full charged in just 4hrs.

Image Source: financialexpress

We'll continue with some more information in our upcoming articles, till then please keep reading.


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