New Volvo XC40 arrived with more advanced Features

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Hello Readers, Finally the most awaited CAR from the Volvo Cars have arrived in the Indian Market i.e Volvo XC 40. It is looking more advanced & compact with innovative design, storage with all the latest smart technologies.

1. Innovative Design : The Volvo car focus more on the safety and aerodynamic body shape.

2. Flexible Design: It is like a compact SUV yet it is spacious with a volume of 460 litres and a clever folding floor, the XC40 has a load compartment that is both practical and versatile.

3. Powered by Innovation: Advanced and powerful engine, fuel efficient.

This time Volvo has really brought the very powerful engine with 2.0 L integrated with 4 Cylinders, T4 Petrol & Diesel engine. Even this time it is available with three cylinder Engine also.

4. Census Navigation System : This is type of navigation system in which it is based on the connected technology including helping features such as send to car and allows the user to send his car destination using browser or Volvo on call app.

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5. Electrification : Right now it is available in the two modes :

  Plug - In Hybrid : This is type of hybrid which is known as PEHV combination of the electric motor and the diesel & gasoline engines, Unlike conventional hybrids, PEHVs can be plugged-in and recharged from an outlet, allowing them to drive extended distances using just electricity.

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  Mild Hybrid: This is mild hybrid car which is effective with IC Engines equipped with electrical machine that allows the engine to be turned off during the car is braking or getting stopped.

But the Pure Electric version is still not launched which will be coming soon in the next few months.

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6. Advanced Safety Features : As Volvo says, XC 40 has new pair of eyes, yes that is actually true it comes up with the safety features for city & highways driving called as Co Pilot which actually recognize the different vehicles, pedestrian, cyclist & large animals ahead. It provides the collision warning if the driver don't get time to react so it will brake automatically and helps the user to avoid or mitigate collision.

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Also it will help you in heavy traffic conditions with more comfort features integrated with safety features as Pilot Assist. This feature helps the driver maintain the speed & distance according to the forward vehicles & provides the steering assist to maintain the vehicle to be on or within the lane markings.

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So finally i feel we can mention this Volvo XC 40 as complete Car with all Assist safety features integrated with comfort & technology for your family.


Thank you for your comment. Keep reading will post more to keep you updated.

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