The Delhi High Court mandated the wearing of a mask inside a car

 The Delhi High Court has passed a judgment of wearing a mask in private car is mandatory. The reason behind this decision is that your personal car is also considered as a public place.

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On Wednesday, Delhi HC stated that the private vehicle occupied by single person is "public place" hence wearing a mask even when travelling alone in a personal car is now mandatory as it is a "Suraksha Kawach" that helps in preventing the spread of Corona Virus.

The judgment was passed by Justice Pratibha M. Singh, a sitting judge of the Delhi High Court. She said that even if a person is travelling alone in his/her personal car could be exposed to the virus. The person may have been to public places like market, hospital, shopping malls, workplace, school etc. before entering the vehicle. She further says that the vehicle is not permanent and is travelling, you may have to keep your windows open for ventilation or while buying something from street vendors, or you may have been to pick up your kids from school, there may be people not wearing masks. Such person could also be exposed to the virus.

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Earlier in Delhi, 4 petitions were filed before the court by the petitioners who are lawyers by profession for being charged Rs.500 for not wearing masks while travelling alone in private cars. Hence it is requested to all of us to follow the strict guidelines  & always wear mask whenever you are out of your house.

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