Secrets about How AI Will Transform Your Vehicle Experience That Has Never Been Revealed Earlier

With rise of Artificial Intelligence in different sectors, it has reached to Automobile industry as well. AI is rapidly changing the automobile sector, bringing new innovations and solving the traffic issues. Indian automakers are excited with the technological advancements. AI won’t just have autonomous cars but also solve the challenges of vehicle congestion that has been prevailing since long.

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According to an article by Economic Times, we’re moving towards a future that will be convenient and comfortable – where the individual would just step into their cars and tap the destination on their phones. Automobile sector is experiencing an innovative revolution where not only there has been introduction to electric and hybrid cars but also, AI and Analytics are taking over. Although there is still time to see the unmanned autonomous cars running on the streets.

Humongous amounts of data is being collected every day to address the challenges of autonomous self-driving cars.  Multiple companies are setting up their automobiles, innovating and testing them to bring out the best affordable self-driving cars in the market. Google’s Waymo tied up with Fiat Chrysler for the same. Even Audi is focusing on its upcoming A8 which would be developed focusing on highly automated vehicle.

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Soon it will be no surprise to see self-driving cars on the streets. In 2019, MG Motor India had introduced its upcoming Internet Car. It claimed to be India’s first embedded machine to machine SIM, enabling IoT devices and systems and sensors that would communicate with each other. Powered by Machine Learning algorithms, it is supposed to have connectivity, applications similar to smartphones, providing telematics all the while ensuring safety and security. Thus, MG can become the leader of the Indian market with its connected mobility.

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