How Will Electric Vehicles In India Shape Indian Automobile Future?

With most of the countries moving towards electric vehicles and building the future in the same, India has too decided to join the trend. It is estimated that India would need about $180 billion for vehicle production and charging infrastructure to move to EVs by 2030. According to a report by Economic Times, electric vehicles do have a promising future in India.

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Recently, in November 2020, Nitin Gadkari – the union minister of Road, Transport and Highways had announced to set up one charging kiosk for electric vehicles at each of the 69000 petrol pumps at the country. The government had earlier formulated favorable plans to adopt the electric vehicles and reduce the carbon footprint and has advised the state governments too for the same. Also, with Tesla coming up to set up its manufacturing unit in the country, a momentum has been observed in the Indian Automobile sector.

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With increased climate issues in Delhi, Indian mindset has changed and evolved to moving towards eco-friendly technologies. As government bringing new policies, even Indian automobile companies have decided to gear up and are manufacturing and testing their products. According to the report by We Forum, Ola recently added 10,000 e-rickshaws to its fleet under “Mission: Electric”.  Further, other companies such as Tata and Mahindra and Mahindra are working extensively, to ramp up their EV production. They have big plans for setting up electric charging stations around the country. Even battery manufacturers are taking concrete steps to develop sustainable, long term charging battery packs.

However, operationalizing all of these for 1.3 billion population of India can be challenging. Thus, a strong support and vision is necessary along with public and private sectors working in collaboration. The automobile leaders need to take the charge and lead the future generation.

By: Mitali P.


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