A Step toward Innovation: Smartphone App Integration in Cars

Smartphone App Integration is said to dominate the market of automotive by 2023. According to a survey conducted by IHS Markit, 82% of the car drivers find it distracting to use their smartphones whilst driving. With the help of smartphone app integration one can easily use the features of a phone while on road.

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Android Auto enables you to use your car’s head unit display as a modified version of your smartphone’s screen. The app enables you to check messages, navigate through a map and is usually compatible with most apps including WhatsApp, Spotify and Waze. All these can work wirelessly i.e. even when your phone is not connected with a USB cable to the car. The most important aspect of this feature is that it lets you command with the help of voice recognition and hence allowing you to use your smartphone any time with ease. Android Auto only requires your android phone to run on android 9.0 (Pie) or newer version in order to be compatible with the software.

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On the other hand for the iPhone users there is CarPlay and Car Keys. Using CarPlay you can send, read and write messages while navigating through the road. CarPlay allows you to use all your iPhone apps that you need on the go while Car Keys can unlock and start the car. Car Keys works even after 5 hours of dead battery.

The features of android auto are as follows:

· Voice commands

· Navigation systems

· Music

· Messaging

· An Instinctive UI

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Meanwhile BMW has already implemented the system by displaying the app content form the smartphone into the Digital Instrument Cluster and in the head unit display. With a wireless approach the Android Auto doesn’t require pairing with any cables and only needs to pair with the car once. It makes your drive convenient with the ease to access everything in an easier way.

By: Mitali P.


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