You would’ve Never Thought That Knowing Autonomous Cars Could Be So Beneficial!

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Since a long time the cars have been programmed for the front crash prevention in such a way that if the driver is too late in applying the brakes they are automatically applied. The systems then quickly evolved to self-parking technology that allows the cars to detect empty spaces and steer there on its own. The current technology of cars is only limited to self-brake before collision (in case of delayed response), keeping the car in a specific lane and cars that are feasible for driving on a highway. Autonomous driving not only ensures safety and comfort, it also provides the leisure of taking a break from a relentless journey that might exhaust you.

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Way back in 2009, Google started the self driving car project for autonomously driving 10 unique and uninterrupted 100-mile long routes. The science-fiction that everyone used to show in movies is now going to become reality in the near future. In 2016, Waymo an autonomous driving technology company became the subsidiary to Alphabet and google started working with Waymo for its self-driving project.

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All the cars have a general idea of fixing cameras/sensors around the car in order to detect obstacles/other cars around it and executing its commands accordingly. But as it seems it is rather easier said than done. The majority of Waymo’s cars uses high resolution cameras and LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) helping it to detect the position of all obstacles, objects, pedestrians, cars around it.

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Mercedes-Benz is developing a Drive-Pilot that helps in driving at highways while the driver can be at ease for a while and take some rest during a tiring journey. Once you engage the Drive-Pilot it can handle the vehicle until an exceptional malfunction occurs, maybe exiting the highway, approaching a crash scene or the driver approves to do so.

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