The Best 5 Car Lifts used in Automotive Workshops

With over 50 million automobiles sold in 2021, we are probably going to have so many automobiles at homes. Although, with this the maintenance of the automobiles also comes into picture. Now you’re not only limited to their maintenance but their cleaning, alignment of tires, and ease of use. And how can you get all of these? Well, the answer is most certainly Car Lifts. Because unlike car lifting jacks they don’t have limited applications.

We are going to present to you the Top 5 Car Lifts i.e Best Buy Automotive auto lift that we have considered keeping in mind the portability, affordability, safety aspect and weights they can lift. Find the list below:

Top 5 Car Lifts

5. BL-7000SLX Portable Car Lift

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The BL-7000SLX is really a cost effective substitute for all your needs. It is a portable car lift that also provides a whopping weight of 7000 lbs (or 3175 kg).

4. Two-Post Hydraulic Lift with Base

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With a rise of 0-5 meters, you can easily check all your machinery and fix it from below your car. Lifting about 3628 kg or 4 tons.

3. Scissor Lifts


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An average Scissor lift will cost you around $2.5k. Scissor Best Buy Automotive auto lift  are more reliable than portable ones and can lift 3175 kg weights with ease. The best feature is probably the height adjustments you can get for them. Although the cost varies for each one.

2. Hydraulic Lifts  

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You can choose low or high lift hydraulic lifts for your car depending on your needs. A hydraulic platform is a device commonly used to move cargo/baggage vertically upwards to meet low-height applications/requirements. The load range for this vertical movement ranges from 200 kg to 4000 kg. Obtaining solutions is relatively cheaper and faster. Energy is only consumed when moving in the open direction, and the valve is released to achieve a drop. No energy is consumed in the process. Another reason why this device is preferred is that it provides a fail-safe way to bring the platform back to the ground by releasing the manual valve.

1.      Four-post Car Lift

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Four-post car lifts are the safest and can help you save space with multiple cars to park. They also support your car from four structures enabling you for maintenance and can lift up to 4-6 tons or 5400 kg. The wheel alignment four-post lifts we provide (rated lifting weight: 4 tons) are widely used in garages and workshops for lifting various small and medium-sized vehicles with a weight of less than 4.0 tons.

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