Is Green New Black for these celebrities ?

With the growth of EV market and 273,500 EVs on UK roads – car manufacturers are now focused on designing the most fashionable, modern and yet powerful eco-friendly cars. It's not just us – the normal people playing our part - but many Hollywood celebrities too, who have been driving environmentally friendly cars for years, including Leonardo DiCaprio and more.

But you might be surprised to see these celebrities who roam the city in eco-friendly and stylish cars.


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Prince Charles 

Prince Charles drives an Aston Martin. The heir to the throne has long been an advocate for sustainable development, so this is no wonder you drive a green car. However, Prince Charles's Aston Martin DB6 Voltane, the one the Duke of Cambridge drove after he married Kate Middleton, obviously smelled good when he was driving. We want to know if this car likes the sassy Chablis or the cool SauviB.



 Image Source: usatoday likes a car or two, has a full fleet!

The Voice instructor is a big fan of gasoline, and he's not ashamed of modifying cars. He even has a car company partnered with Chrysler. Also in his collection is a custom Tesla Model S, which is a high-tech electric car.


Image Source: michiganradio

Kylie Jenner

Nestled in the beauty mogul's massive fleet is the Ferrari Aperta. This is Ferrari's first foray into green car making. Admittedly, this isn't the most practical for a family outing with Stormi, but it's a very sweet ride.

Image Source: drivetribe

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine loves her Nissan Leaf. Not just the style, but it is an electric car that can go 168 miles on a single charge.


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 James Corden

James from Gavin and Stacey’s joined his Hollywood partner and switched to a hybrid car - Porsche Cayenne S hybrid. It is said to be quite fashionable.

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