World's Smallest rideable Electric Bike by an Indian

India is poised for success in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation moving to the next level in technology development.

Santhosh from Mysore, Karnataka brings the innovation by designing world's smallest electric bike. It is just 30 Centimeters tall and 45 centimeters long and wheelbase of 130 mm, weighing 2.5 kg which can withstand over 65 kg load and this bike runs at a speed of 15kmph

Image Source : bikeadvice

This tiny designed model is known as Mooshiqk3 has successfully entered in the book of world records For this achievement, Santhosh's name got into Limca Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, India Book of Records as well as in Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Image Source : starofmysore

The name "Mosshiqk" means "mouse" in Sanskrit as it runs like a rat. It is equipped with 24V DC Motor set up which can bring the power to ride the vehicle and carry load. The estimated cost for building is said to be around Rs 120000.

His passion towards automotive and his love for machines has proved that the innovation has no limits. According to him, machines were love of his life and always found his interest in machines, and automobiles which made him set world records. He used to keep experimenting like changing various parts of bikes.

Even though he did not get enough privileges to get a pertinent education and engineering career But still he achieved this feat because of his passion. Financial crisis hindered him from fulfilling his dreams but still he did not give up. He continued his studies by doing some courses and besided working in an pharmaceuticals company.

This teaches us that dedication towards anything can make you do wonders just like Santhosh did.

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