Electrification of Automotive Industry

As we all know that automobile industry is growing faster with advancement of electric technology. The process of changing of powering the vehicle by electricity with replacement of Internal Combustion engines is known as electrification of the vehicle. 

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The electrification has entered in all mechanical components which are driven by electric motors with controllers like Electronic Power Steering, Electronic Braking System, ADAS, electronic traction control, intelligent light system, smart electromagnetic suspension, all-wheel drive, airbag deployment system, and many more.

Let us understand electrification of the vehicles with respect to the means of transport in terms of optimizing the combustion engines, low and medium voltage technologies in the sense of hybrid models with thermal improvements.

  • Optimization of IC Engines

The technology is improving day by day with respect to the eco-friendly environment by providing the automatic transmissions with double dual clutch technology and more advanced alternator starter enhanced with Start and stop features.

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  • Low and Mid Voltage Technology 

Introducing the 48V Engine which allows the electrification of the power train technologies and seems to be more suitable for the Hybrid Electric vehicle Models.

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  • Thermal Management for the Battery Solutions

The thermal management plays a very vital role in the field of development of the electric vehicle as due to the excessive heat generation battery may catch fire easily. So controlling of the battery temperature and over all circuit is very crucial need to be designed very well with respect to the lower energy consumption and cooling the system by having proper air conditioning system called as Battery Cooling Technology.

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  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As charging stations are not available in every short distance to EV owners, that is why this is very critical and challenging to built the charging stations in offices or public places. The High power DC can charge up to 350KW which offers very fast charging can be built in the highways for quick top up to the battery.

Hence vehicle electrification is playing a vital role in transforming the dynamics across all vehicle segments and adapting to the current opportunities of the industry. Launching electric vehicles in the market is the first step by OEMs as well as government authorities to ensure rapid and continuous adaptation. 

The transformation of this electrification will disrupt the supply chain sectors and hold a significant position in the market for all automotive components such as RADARs, LIDARs and various other sensors, which will be widely used. 

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Let us read more in details in our next article with respect to the principle and working model of the electrification of Vehicles.

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