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Ford introducing the Autonomous car without Steering Wheel & Pedal by 2021

Ford plans to build a fully autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals by 2021, the company announced today. The vehicle will be aimed at ride-hailing and ride-sharing fleets.

Ford is working with a number of startups, including a new investment in Velodyne, a firm that makes LIDAR sensors; the acquisition of SAIPS, an Israeli company that makes computer vision and machine learning software; an exclusive licensing agreement with "virtual retina" technology company Nirenberg Neuroscience, LLC; and apreviously announced investment in 3D-mapping company Civil Maps.

The company is also expanding its research and innovation center in Palo Alto and plans to double the size of its team there by the end of next year.

To make the self-driving car happen, Ford will double its R&D presence in Silicon Valley and is making acquisitions to fill in the technology gaps Ford isn’t developing.What Ford is announced is both breathtaking and limited. It’s the first automaker to …

Honda Clarity- Fuel Cell Technology Vehicle

Facing The Future

The Clarity Fuel Cell has a targeted range of more than 300 miles, in part made possible by its ultra-aerodynamic body and advanced powertrain.

How it WorksThe fuel cell produces electricity by converting hydrogen from the vehicle’s on board fuel tank and oxygen from the air which then powers the electric drive motor.
Explore the spacious interior outfitted with premium, environmentally-responsible materials and thoughtful, stylish design cues. The Clarity Fuel Cell is the first of three vehicles debuting in the Clarity family. Upcoming models will also include dedicated electric and plug-in hybrid versions 

Honda engineers mounted the hydrogen fuel tanks securely in the subframe of the vehicle to meet global safety standards. This is not an experimental or prototype vehicle. It is a certified, assembly line-produced car that can be driven with confidence..
Inspired by NatureHonda designers drew inspiration from nature: a bird with its wings drawn in. This streamlined s…

Concept Cars Prototype

In our next post will update details about each car . stay touched ......

Drink & Drive Strict Laws in different countries

Australia Immediate loss of license for a minimum of six months if it is your first offense and a permanent loss for your second offense (source)
Canada - First offence: $1,000 fine, 1-year driving prohibition; second offence: 30 days jail, 2-year driving prohibition; third or subsequent offence: 120 days jail, 3-year driving prohibition (source)
Costa Rica - A fine of about $500, loss of license for 2 years, and possible confiscation of your car or even jail time (source)
El Salvador - Anyone with a BAC over 0.01 (which is effectively zero tolerance), automatic license suspension, seizure of your vehicle and probable fines (source)
England - Lose of license for a minimum 1 year (3 years for 2nd offence if within 10 years), substantial fine and possibility of up to 6 months imprisonment (source)
Finland - Drivers guilty of driving while intoxicated face a fine or imprisonment for up to two years (source)

France - Your car will be confiscated, three year loss of license, possibility of one …

BMW's latest Efficient Dynamics 3- and 4-cylinder gasoline engines

The evolution of the Efficient Dynamics engine family has focused on further reducing fuel consumption and emissions at the same time as optimizing performance characteristics. A number of individual measures have been implemented to make the drive units even more efficient, and the resulting drop in consumption is evident on both the EU test cycle and in real-world driving. The improvements that have been incorporated to minimize emissions are furthermore designed to lower levels not just of emissions but also other exhaust gas components. Gasoline engines. For the gasoline engines, the BMW TwinPower Turbo technology comprises  a turbocharging system;direct gasoline injection; variable control of intake valve lift (VALVETRONIC) continuously variable opening times for the intake and exhaust valves 

The turbocharging system:  consisting of a turbocharger integrated into the exhaust manifold that enables the flow dynamics of the recirculated exhaust gases to be utilized to particularly po…

Are You Aware About Fiat Air Technologies ?

1. Turbo Methane :
 Turbo downsizing applied to methane fueled engines which improves the combustion and reduces the CO2 emissions compared to petrol.

2. Start / Stop : 

An innovative and efficient system introduced by fiat technologies, which stops the engine when it doesn't required in traffic or when you are in queues and it automatically starts when you start moving , This intelligent systems also recognize start/ stop queues and its automatically deactivated