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Nissan-Renault ready for the partnership to develop new car technologies

Nissan Motor Co Ltd (7201.T) and Renault SA (RENA.PA) are open to partnerships with other companies to equip their vehicles with sophisticated technology as automakers race to develop the cars of the future, the pair's connected vehicles chief said. Global automakers are competing with industry rivals and technology firms to develop self-driving cars and mobility services such as car sharing as the growing use of technology and artificial intelligence may eventually diminish the role of drivers, threatening the traditional model of car ownership.

As software used in cars becomes more sophisticated and costly, there will be benefits of partnerships - including with rivals - to develop standardized technology such as mapping services, said Ogi Redzic, who heads the Nissan-Renault alliances' Connected Vehicles and Mobility Services division.
"There are some other companies which would like to build everything in-house, but ... we are willing to partner when it makes sense.&…

Ashok Leyland unveiled India's first Circuit Electric Bus

Ashok Leyland, flagship of the Hinduja Group, today unveiled India's first Circuit electric bus at its corporate office in Chennai. Designed and engineered entirely in India, the bus is launched as a zero emission vehicle created specifically for Indian road and load conditions.

"India's first ever fully electric bus, developed for India and made in India, is a big leap in mass public transport and we are glad that Ashok Leyland has been able to deliver this. This vehicle will support  .. 

electric bus:1) Ashok Leyland has named the country's first 'Made in India' bus as 'Circuit'. The initial investment is around Rs 22 crore. The company had earmarked as much as Rs 500 crore for the product to be done in phases.
2) The electric bus will have a minimum seating capacity of 35 to a maximum of 65, and can run up to 120 kilometres on a single recharge under standard test conditions, according to Ashok Leyland MD Vinod K Dasari.
3) According to a report in Busi…

Ford EcoSport Rivaling Honda WR-V Official Sketch Launched in Brazil

Honda Cars Brazil has released the first official sketches of the WR-V subcompact SUV, ahead of its public debut at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show in November this year.

Ford EcoSport rival, the WR-V is based on the Jazz platform that also underpins the City sedan and will be restricted under the 4-metre mark. What also makes the model extremely interesting is the fact that the WR-V will make it to India as well to take on a host of sub 4-metre SUVs and crossover models. The WR-V crossover has been developed by the R&D team of Honda Cars Brazil. While the Jazz influence is evident, the front gets a more aggressive looking design with the muscular lines on the bonnet, large lower grille, and the chunky bar that holds the big 'H', similar to that seen on the City and Jazz. You can also see the accentuated wheel arches, roof rails and alloy wheels making for a muscular appearance, while the tail light shows a glimpse from the sides, and could be the boomerang shape…

Fuel Monitoring In Vehicle Tracking System

Today, GPS Tracking device or GPS Tracking unit is used widely all over the world to monitor vehicle, truck, excavator or even train location and speed. But it's not only one purpose of GPS tracker...Technoton Sensors breaks application limits and introducing to Indian customers powerful GPS and GNSS Fleet monitoring and Genset monitoring solutions.

Designed to measure the fuel volume in tank. There are number of modifications of various length and interfaces.

Compatibility requirements: terminal of vehicle tracking system should have one or two analog inputs or RS-232 interface or RS-485 interface or CAN interface.
Adopting a fuel monitoring system for fleet management will not only exclude fuel theft and ensure company vehicles are used appropriately, you will also benefit from: refining fuel consumption rates (very important for special equipment, where fuel is written off according to operating hours);vehicle operating time monitoring;improving fleet profitability. Depending on t…

Brain of car engine-ECM

If you type "electronic control module," or its better-known acronym, ECM, into the search field, you'll be gently guided over to the ECU (engine control unit) page.Inside the ECM, there's a microprocessor that receives, interprets and reacts to sensor inputs as fast as they occur. And it's composed of hardware as a standard circuit board that's encoded with software  It is also called as PowertrainControl Module or PCM which acts as brains of theengine management system.

ECU is a type ofelectronic control unitthat controls a series ofactuatorson aninternal combustion engineto ensure optimal engine performance. It controls the fuel mixture, ignition timing, variable cam timing and emissions control. It constantly monitors emissions performance via its OBD (Onboard Diagnostics) programming, and it oversees the operation of the fuel pump, engine cooling fan and charging system. It also interacts with the transmission controller (if separate), ABS/traction/stabil…

CMC First Mini Truck

China Motor Corporation is an automobile manufacturer based in Taipei, Taiwan. It was founded in June 1969, and signed a technology sharing contract with Mitsubishi Motors the following year.

CMC (China Motor Corporation) was founded in June of 1969 and signed a technical collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation the following year. The Yang-Mei plant was completed at the end of 1973, establishing the manufacturing base for CMC's future growth. The company has been listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) since March 1991.

Beginning with producing commercial vehicles, CMC is the leader of Taiwan's commercial vehicles manufacturers. While the company's Yang-Mei plant produced less than 300 vehicles per month through 1975, by the year 1983, total output had surpassed the 100,000 unit mark. This was, in part, made possible by our most advanced painting facility in Taiwan. This was as well a prelude to the rapid growth that accompanied Taiwan's emergence as an industrial…