Improve your car mileage in just 5 steps

Fuel prices have been increasing day by day  at record levels around the for the past few weeks. Now is a good time to review of the best ways to improve your mileage and save money at the tank. According to my research i found these 5 important steps which should be taken to improve your fuel economy .

1.Purchase a fuel-efficient car 

The best way to save money on fuel is to drive a fuel-efficient car. It’s probably impractical to replace your current car for something that costs less to run, but if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, keep fuel economy in mind. Consumer Reports has several lists of fuel-efficient vehicles

2.  Keep your vehicle well maintained

A car in poor running condition will use more gas than one that has been tuned up. According to checklist at Advance Auto Parts, a dirty air filter can reduce mileage up to 20%. They also note that spark plugs in poor condition can reduce mileage up to 12%..

3. Keep tires properly inflated

Underinflated tires aren’t just dangerous — they devour fuel economy by as much as 25%! (I know this from experience — whenever I notice a drop in MPG, my tires are usually low.) Overinflated tires aren’t efficient, either. Also keep your tires balanced and in alignment

4. Reduce drag

About half of your vehicle’s energy is expended overcoming air resistance. (The other half is expended in acceleration.) Reduce your car’s workload — remove anything that might cause drag: luggage racks, bike racks, ski racks, etc, 

5. Ride at Constant Speed (Cruise Control System)

We have found  that the best way to improve fuel efficiency was to accelerate slowly and to brake over a longer distance. Aside from purchasing a new vehicle, this is the single most effective step you can take to reduce your costs. 

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