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Tyre Changing in just 20 seconds

Performed activity at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi UAE
Remove the plastic wheel trim (if fitted) by prising it off. Using the wheel brace, loosen the nuts on the wheel you're changing by half a turn in an anti-clockwise direction. If they're stiff, use your body weight on the wheel brace to shift them.Keep raising your car. Once the wheel is just clear of the road, unscrew the wheel nuts in diagonal pairs and remove. Place them together in a pocket or cup so you don't lose them.Remove the wheel carefully, as it will be heavy and dirty. 

Fit the spare wheel ensuring it's the correct way round. Fit the wheel nuts in diagonal pairs and turn until finger-tight. Place the wheel flat under the raised sill of the car as a safety cushion again.Fully tighten the wheel nuts using the wheel brace.Put your tools and damaged wheel in your boot. Refit the plastic wheel trim.  

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5 Astonishing Technologies That Power Google's Self-driving Cars

Automotive technology has moved on and it has not remained static. This certainly is an understatement and each year we come across new changes which might be redefining the way in which we drive our cars and the comfort level which we might experience. However, so far we needed somebody behind the wheels to drive the cars and negotiate it through traffic and also for the vehicle to speed along highways. However, all this might change very soon. This is because Google is at it hard. It is planning to come out with its famous self-driving cars, which is exciting news to say the least. When it hits the road soon, it will be a breakthrough of sorts and will redefine driving and take it to the next higher level. Hence it would be interesting to know more about it over the next few lines and have some basic idea about the various technologies that it comes with. Further it may also stop you from finding answers to the question which is your favorite car battery brand
1.Laser Ranger Finder

Solar Powered Cars – Drive The Future

As the public grows more aware of the current climate crisis, the push for clean technology has increased along with it. According to the California Air Resources Board, "electricity and EVs are by far the lowest emission alternative fuel and clean vehicle option available," and will reduce emissions by 97% compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. However, they still have environmental costs. The electricity used to recharge EV batteries has to come from somewhere, and right now, most of the electricity generated by burning fossil fuels. So, what is the alternate left to charge the battery or run the vehicle & here comes the Solar Powered Cars. What is a solar powered car?Like solar-powered homes, solar cars harness energy from the sun by converting it into electricity. This electricity fuels the battery that runs the car's motor. Instead of using a battery, some solar cars direct the power straight to an electric motor.  Great examples of the latest solar powered cars …

Waymo self driving technology

Waymo is a known to be  self-driving technology company with the mission to make it safe and easy for everyone to get around—without the need for anyone in the driver’s seat. Their journey started at Google in 2009, and that became Waymo in 2016.

vehicles have sensors and software that are designed to detect pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, road work and more from a distance of up to two football fields away in all directions. 

In 2009 The Google self-driving car project began they set out on a challenge to drive fully autonomously over ten uninterrupted 100-mile routes in our Toyota Prius vehicles. Months later, succeeded in driving an order of magnitude larger than had ever been driven autonomously. 

Firefly” hit public roads for the first time fully self-driving cars could be like by designing a new reference vehicle, nicknamed “Firefly,” from the ground up. These cars had custom sensors, computers, steering and braking, but no steering wheel or pedals.
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