12 Strange Automotive Jugaads that are taken to another level

How amazing it is to know that people around us are so talented to solve any problem using a flexible approach with minimum resources, that's what we call a "Jugaad" in our style. They can either make the best out of waste or apply some Desi Jugaads leaving others scratching their heads.

It's common to see really odd things now a days, so let's get ready for some strange experience. A few examples to show weird things that are happening all around us...

1. Driver Seat Replacement

A chair replaced by driver seat is beyond anyone's imagination. This poor guy did not think about the safety.

jugaad pics

Modified car
Image Source : tyremarket

2. Back viper replacement

This seems to be the cheapest way to replace back wiper to clean rear glass with broom stick .

Image Source : tyremarket

3. Door Locking System

Someone is very protective about his car - his mind thinks in another way to introduce Door Locking system in his car by installing door latch which is equipped with Lock & Key .

भारत में हर तीसरी चीज होती है जुगाड़ ...

Image Source : ytimg

4. Accelerator/ Brake Pedal Lock

When I saw this picture first thing that came in my mind that someone has used this idea from cycle lock so that you cannot move your vehicle. He locked the accelerator pedal WOW one level up- This called desi jugaad which need extreme intelligence like this man.

Image Source : cardekho

5. Unique Outer Rear View Mirror

This is ultimate jugaad, this person has used a regular mirror to see the rear objects and doesn't know the special mirrors which are used for the Car ORVM - Objects in the Mirror are closer than they appear. 

Top 10 Automotive Jugaads In India | Features | CarDekho.com
Image Source : cardekho

6.  Air Bag

This person doesn't have basic knowledge. The Airbag which is actually the most important safety system that he has replaced with empty sack and just wrote Airbag. This is the most critical safety component, it should not be either removed or replaced with any such jugaad. This Airbag won't help and save your live if any crash happens.

Part VI- Automotive Jugaads of India
Image Source : desinema

7.  Wooden Plank-Door

This guy has used the plank just to protect him while driving the Car- This can be cheapest way but not effective way and unsafe also.

इन तस्वीरों को देख आप भी मान जाओगे की ...
Image Source : newsdog

8.  Solar Panel Roof Car

Now this can be called as innovative idea to use the solar energy to drive the car. This is an effective jugaad to use natural resources which helps to save the fuel and protect the environment.
Easy Jugaad - Home
Image Source : easyjugaad

9. Bike or Car?

This is an engineer mind which has thought to modify the vehicle which has both features for Car & Bike. He has used the avenger bike and joint with rear compartment of the car. This can be called as tri-wheeler. I am very curious to know how he is maintaining the loads and suspension while designing this vehicle . 

Why is India called “Baap of Jugaad”? - Quora
Image Source : quoracdn

10. Silencer Hanger  

Its beyond the imagination to hold the silencer. This person has used the clothe's hanger to avoid it in contact with road. This can be called as innovative idea but i would suggest instead of hanger we should have mechanical design to hold it in better way.
Top 10 Automotive Jugaads In India | Features | CarDekho.com
Image Source : cardekho

11.  Manual Hand Wiper

This person has used his brain to extreme level. He tied ropes to the wiper to operate it manually which actually wiper motors do itself. This can be effective jugaad but it will distract driver concentration while driving car alone.
Image Source : rvcj

12. Fork -Lever Door

I could not believe someone can use the fork to open the door this seems to be funny but can be called effective jugaad. When you don't have anything, you have something to use as door lever .
Some Funny And Creative Jugaad Viral Photos Viral On Internet ...
Image Source : amarujala

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