How to keep your Car's Life Longer

For all the vehicle owners, their car is always their pride & joy that brings the convenience and comfort to them. A well-kept car always looks as new as other contemporary cars so the basic inspection of your car is very important for it's health.

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Not only checking tire pressure and washing makes your car durable, but there are few other things that needs to be done. To ensure that their lovely Cars are in prime running condition for longer time, we will introduce here the steps to make your Car life longer .

Keeping your precious car looking like new is possible only if you follow these relatively simple advice.

1. Regular Car Maintenance

Going for regular car servicing is necessary. Many of us skips car visiting for service thinking that this is not necessary but small things can make big damage to the components

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2. Check Cluster Lamps 

Only a few people knows or focus on what is showing on the cluster. Is it lamp or symbol or any other information for the driver? It is very important to know the significance of these symbols in case we need help.
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3. Engine Oil Check 

There are thousands of moving parts in a car which are required to be lubricated to be in working condition in which Engine is the major component that needs proper lubrication.
As more as the car runs the engine oil gets dirty, that leads to wear and tear very fast in the component.

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4. Restoration of fluids

Brake Oil, Power Steering Oil, Engine Coolant, Transmission Oil also needs to be changed on a regular basis as it is more related to safety components.
As more as the car runs the engine oil gets dirty, that leads to wear and tear very fast in the component.

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5. Change Air Filters and Engine Belts

Timely inspection is required to these components and need to be replaced immediately if any worn or damage found. Clogging in air and oil filter can lead to loss of power reduction in mileage. Damage in Engine belts and spark plugs may result into poor performance of fuel efficiency.

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6. Tyre Condition

Tyre is an important part but people ignore it the most. It is the component which is always in point of contact on the road and suffers a lot of wear and tear so regular checks on tyre and pressure is advised.

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7. Battery Health Check 

Battery is the power source for all the electrical components in the car. Any minor issue can burn the wires and fuses which may create hazardous problems. Therefore, make sure you check on the battery water level once in a month.

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See? Giving your car a good care isn’t really that difficult. Regular dusting is always a handy practice to make it shine inside out.


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