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Check how an auto rickshaw turned into a dwelling house

Arun Prabhu, native of Chennai (Tamilnadu) India, has made a wonderful concept of making a dwelling house on an auto rickshaw. This 23 year old man was researching on slum housing in Chennai and Mumbai, while studying in an architect college in Chennai, where he realized that the small spaces can be improved in a smart way to get all the necessities like bedroom, kitchen and bathroomAccording to him, the main concept is to use small space effectively. People believed that house or office cannot be built in a small space. Image Source: thebetterindia
So he appeared with the idea of house on the wheels. This house on an auto rickshaw is transportable, detachable and can also be used as a normal auto rickshaw. It has kitchen, bed, wardrobe, toilet, bathtub, overhead tank. He has also given proper ventilation to the vehicle by installing windows on 3 of the sides. It also has a battery installed inside where the energy is stored using a 600 W solar panel.Let's take a tour inside 1. Kitc…

Why there is no sunroof in budget segment?

By: Utkarsh Shukla
Sunroof in a vehicle was invented a long time ago. Everything has changed. It has become a part of luxury cars. But have you ever wondered why we have not seen it in budget cars so far? Well from mechanical and economic perspective, there are many reasons for this. Let’s find out. Image Source :
Budget itself is the prime reasonAs we are talking about the budget, sunroof in a car can increase it’s price to some extent. Because it is difficult to do CAD for a well designed sunroof. Making and installing is also a bit expensive.
Stability issueBudget cars are lighter than the other segment and sunroof adds weight to the top of the car. It is the worst place for any vehicle as it raises the center of gravity. It leads to affecting the vehicles stability. Image Source : carthrottle

Fuel consumption increasesAs we understood above that sunroofs adds weight so it also affects the mileage of vehicle.
Affecting air conditioning systemIn a budget segment we don’t have t…

Innovative Touch Technologies for Automotives

Now a days, there is massive adaption in the technologies for the capacitive touch input systems that are being used in automotive for the ease of drivers and passenger comfort. All cars manufacturers providing a touch based feature either it can be music player buttons, steering wheel, door opening or roof sensor.

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The touch sensors are usually designed for 2D and now a days it is grown with addition of the touch pads which are more useful for the features like detection, gesture control and mainly introduced to reduce the driver distraction & have simple interaction between the car and driver.

Image Source: orientdisplay

As shown in the above image -The sensors are integrated into the vehicle such as Mirrors based on buttons & proximity, over head panel where the sunroof control, Door handles, Door Panels, Infotainment based control for operating functions for buttons, sliders with touch technology.

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The touch based …