Innovative Touch Technologies for Automotives

Now a days, there is massive adaption in the technologies for the capacitive touch input systems that are being used in automotive for the ease of drivers and passenger comfort. All cars manufacturers providing a touch based feature either it can be music player buttons, steering wheel, door opening or roof sensor.

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The touch sensors are usually designed for 2D and now a days it is grown with addition of the touch pads which are more useful for the features like detection, gesture control and mainly introduced to reduce the driver distraction & have simple interaction between the car and driver.

Orient Display: Capacitive Touch Panel Applications in Automotive
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As shown in the above image -The sensors are integrated into the vehicle such as Mirrors based on buttons & proximity, over head panel where the sunroof control, Door handles, Door Panels, Infotainment based control for operating functions for buttons, sliders with touch technology.

Capacitive Touch | User Interfaces | Quad Industries
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The touch based controller have the following advantages:

1. Low power mode
2. Weather proof operation
3. Glove Touch detection
4. Compact touch surface
5. Smallest size is available with 7 mm
6. Multi-touch (10 point) operation
7. Light touch activation with smooth gestures
8. High quality construction – 2 layer glass
9. High light transmission and image clarity
10. Durability: scratch, abrasion and vandal resistant

Continental makes car touchscreens pop with tactile 3D surface
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Let's learn how this touch technology actually works. There is capacitive touch screen which has two perpendicular layers have conductive coatings. When our finger is placed on the screen, it tends to change the mutual capacitance between the Horizontal and vertical tracks.

Projected Capacitive Touch Screen | Capacitive Touch Sensor
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The controller is able to scan each cell with high frequency signal and sense the changes on the mutual capacitance between the adjacent cells which is known as touch locations.
What are the different types of touchscreens and how are they used? |  Noritake Co., Inc. Electronics Division
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The same technology and principle is also used in our Mobile Touch Screen.

Electronicdesign 8051 0515eepromo
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The advancement in the Automotive field where the more efforts are going on is gesture control with original decorating printing and force feedback technology.

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The more research and inventions are going to develop the advanced operating enabling touch and gesture control through to proximity sensing by refined technology innovations.


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