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Follow these 4 simple money saving methods and bring your favorite Car Home

Buying a new car is a big dream for many people. Let's get ready to take that beauty your home.Today we will talk about how to plan and make strategies to save some money and own a new car. This is the desire of most of the people but it is not as easy as it sounds. It's important to first do your homework considering how much you can comfortably pay the cash and apply for loan for the rest of the amount for how long.  Image Source : streettalklive

1. Select your budget for the CarYou should be able to choose the most suitable budget in your mind and pen down on a paper, to perform all the calculations and follow as per the strategy.

If it is less than ₹5 Lakh then you can keep reading...  Image Source : business-standardest

2. Choose the Source of SavingThere could be "n" no. of  possible sources for your saving such as savings from your salary, investing, redemptions, collecting money every months in piggy bank etc.

ImageSource : hiclipart3.Time DurationThis is the most …

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR: An Eye Vision for Future Cars

By Utkarsh Shukla

Future car or the future of cars, whatever you say will almost similar. Mercedes Benz has come with a revolution. Revolution that will change the entire automotive industry. Most fascinating concept car of the company is now arrive for the road test. This 2+2 seater electric sport car is named as Vision AVTR.Image : driving.caThe car is inspired by the movie AVATAR. Company first shown its concept in CES 2020(January) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let see what are the features that makes it revolutionary.ExteriorThe car look like a complete aerodynamic power house. Painted in Alubeam silver, this car reminds of company’s SLS special edition. LEDs are situated as well as coded very intelligently. Blinking dim lights look like car is breathing and they fully lit up when anyone approaches to it.Image : Autoevolution Most attractive exterior part of the car are wheels. The design of the wheel based on wood sprites of AVATAR. It blinks like the color of nature i.e. air, water, eart…

Future Fuel : An Alternative or necessity?

By: Utkarsh Shukla
Petrol and diesel dominated the whole automotive industry since 18th century, when I.C. engine was invented. But these fuels are harmful as well as limited. We have to think about its alternatives. Let’s take a look at some future fuel options and also compare them with petrol and diesel. Electricity 
I know this is the first thing that will come in everyone's mind. Of course, this is going to be the most efficient fuel. Latest figures show that there are over 5.6 million electric vehicles running worldwide. However it is not enough but it’s a good start. There is still a long way to go. 
Image Source : bosch

Vs Petrol/diesel-Electricity neither does any emission nor is it a limited source. Tesla is the leading company making awesome electric cars (followed by Nissan and BAIC motors). 

Hydrogen can be used as fuel burned with oxygen either as fuel cells or I.C. engines. It is the most powerful fuel in the list. 
Image Source : eurologport

Vs Petrol/diesel-With …