Are we ready for the adaptation of Electric Vehicles?

Hello Readers, Here we came up with one more new interesting article for all of you to know about the current facts about the adoption of Electric Vehicle in the Automobile Industry. Many of us were very curious when we heard that Electric vehicles will be coming in the market which can be great help for the reduction of cost and saving and  have eco friendly environment.

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Even all Automotive manufacturers are building and bringing Electric vehicle to the Market to introduce the Efficiency and nature friendly vehicle which will help in saving fuels but still the public is not ready yet to accept the EV so soon as they prefer using the gasoline & Diesel vehicles. As per our research, people have concerns related to the vehicle speed, acceleration, cost of battery charging & discharging. So here I want to drag your attention towards the growth and benefits of the Electric Vehicle for future purposes.

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Hyundai Kona, the electric vehicle introduced by the Hyundai Motors which have power packed battery performance that provides the delightful driving experience with higher acceleration which can cover longer distance and Hyundai has especially mentioned that this electric vehicle is to change the way of thinking for people to adapt it. So here I've listed the benefits of Electric Vehicle so that people can understand in Broadway.

Why we should Switch to Electric Vehicle :

1. Great Saving of fuel and running cost.

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2. Low pollution and helps in reducing harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions. 
3. No need to change the oil and fluids.
4. No Failure occurrence for transmission.
5. All Engine related Failures and maintenance are eliminated.

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6. Lower Noise pollution

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Why people are not ready to accept the EV :

1. Most of the people has the way of thinking that EV will not give high acceleration as IC Engines.

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2. People are not comfortable to travel with EV for long journeys since the charging cannot sustain up to longer distance.

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3. Lack of Charging Stations available.

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4.  Huge Expense for battery replacement.

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