Follow these Road Safety Rules and Check whether you are Defensive Driver on Indian Roads?

Many people are driving cars now a days on a daily basis to their work places. Most of them are not only familiar with the driving rules but also following them properly and on the other hand there are some people who are neglecting the traffic rules and road safety measures. Which is very dangerous for the sake of our lives.

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So here we have listed down some rules to follow to become a defensive driver.

1. Perform pre-checks on your car before driving such as tire pressure, engine oil, break oil or any oil leakage from the underbody of the car. For better safety, have a 360 degree look of your car.

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2. Always adjust driving seat, back view mirror, side view mirrors and fasten seat belt before every drive.

3. Clutch press, no stress while adjusting seat. Check on for comfortable driving posture by reaching to clutch paddle. Don't recline your seat too much.
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4. Always keep a safe distance from vehicle in front so that we can have enough room or time in case sudden brake need to be applied.

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5. Avoid entering into blind spot of heavy vehicles coz it could be very dangerous. Make sure you can see the driver in the Truck's side mirrors.

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6. Breaking traffics rules is a big NO. Not only you but the vehicle in front can also be affected.

7. Usage of indicators while making a turn or changing lanes should be a habit.

8. Always give preference to other vehicles coming from right at junction points in case there is no traffic light installed.

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9. Always keep that in mind that overtaking from the left side can lead to a collision. Therefore, always overtake from the right side.

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10. Giving side to emergency vehicles like ambulance, fire brigade etc. should be our responsibility.

By following proper traffic rules and road safety measures, you can be called as a defensive driver.


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  1. Thanks Anshu, I like the way you jotted down every point in structured manner which is easy to understand. it will definitely help people to follow traffic rules. Keep rocking best of luck

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