Things to keep in mind before choosing a safe car

Previously we discussed that how to ultimately save money by spending more on Car safety. But the question is how to choose the safest car? If you go according to the points given below, then you will definitely find a great choice.

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Structural design

You know very well how rib cage protects our lungs and heart. Similarly, structural design of car does to the occupants sitting in it. The car with good structural design also saves your engine from damage. So the structural design is the safety cage for the passengers. There are many types of structural designs but instead of learning that we have to check two things i.e. crash rating and size of the car.

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Crash rating

Crash tests are introduced to better understand the hardness of structural design of car body. The Global NCAP rating is the most reliable index to understand the crashworthiness of car. Higher the rating indicates the less risk of death or serious injury in an accident.

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Size and weight of car

Now this is pure physics, bigger and heavier body is harder to move or damage than smaller and lighter one. So size and weight plays an important role in safety of cars.  In any worst accidental scenario, car with bigger boot can bend and hold to ensure the maximum possible impact of a car crash so that the impact should be very less for the passengers sitting in rear compartment.

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Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

A car with daytime running lights is a great choice indeed. These lights helps to make oncoming cars more visible by increasing the contrast between a vehicle and its background.

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Rear View Camera system (RVC)

This camera is situated at the rear side and helps to prevent crashes while taking reverse. It also helps to protect any person or pets that might suddenly walk into car’s rear path.

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Alert Systems

If your chosen car is equipped with many alert systems then it is a good call. Over speed warning alert, surround view system, blind spot monitoring, forward or rear collision warnings, rear cross traffic alert etc are the systems that equipped in modern cars.

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We know that some of the safety features i.e. Airbags, ABS are available in every car as per government norms. But also you should explore for featured restraint systems. Because the synchronization of seat belts, head restraints & airbags stabilize to protect the occupant in any worst crash. You should also look for the side airbags while purchasing a new car because the cars don’t just run straight.

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So if you will explore more then you will find that you can get all or maximum of these features by spending approx. $1500 more. But as you are aware that this extra money is a life savior. So make a good choice with more safety features and enjoy your journey.

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