Types of Transmission Jacks and their benefits

Transmission Jacks are type of mechanical tool which is used for lifting transmission of any vehicle from the center in order to repair any major component. It reduces the efforts needed in the removal of transmission in mere minutes.

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In the design of transmission jacks, it forms an integral aspect of vehicle engineering and its heavy load. This can be used in any type of transmission for any vehicle such as auto, truck, car etc. It is made up of heavy duty steel with roll caster attached with ball bearings and it has adjustable head which works on the principle of hydraulic lift.

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A heavy duty automotive service jacks can lift up to the height that is need to safely remove, repair and  install component. 

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Types of Transmission Jacks

Telescopic Transmission Jacks - It is a type of jack which is fully adjustable with the presence of universal rotary saddle along with the safety chains.
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Hydraulic Pressure Jacks - Hydraulic Pressure Jacks are used to lift heavy loads by applying the force using hydraulic cylinder. Jack can lift the load on the basis of force created by the pressure inside the chamber.

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Low-profile transmission jacks- As the name says, it sits low to the ground and are designed perfectly for common usage while servicing the cars where we don't have approach to lift it.
It is provided with a 360 degree twirling handle for use in tight spots. 

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Importance of Transmission Jacks

1. It is easy to lift cars to replace the transmission and hydraulic fluid helps to easily lift and lower the car body.

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2. Uniform lifting of car body as compare to manual lifting.

3. Reduces human efforts, it can be handled by a single person using transmission jack instead of dozen of people holding the car body.

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4. Saves time to quickly lift and do the required task such as changing of tires.

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5. Fully adjustable for the passenger cars as well as heavy trucks machineries.

6.  Safety overloaded protection.

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