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Track N Go Wheel Driving System

One day you can install 4 tracks on a vehicle in 15 minutes, while keeping the tires on and without any modifications of this vehicle. 

Well, after several years of research and development we are proud to present you the Track N Go system: "The first ever wheel driven track system", an innovation that will make it much easier to use tracks on your vehicles. 
Advantages :
Using two loading ramps, the unique concept of Track N Go allows you to install the 4 tracks anywhere, in less than 15 minutes.The system is universal. It can be used on all vehicles in your fleet that have wheel adapters and bumper stoppers.The Track N Go track system was primarily developed for use on snow. It can also be used on the road, making it a major advantage over alternative equipments that should be used on snow only. The Track N Go can be used on any surface giving it a major advantage between seasons and when the ground is partially covered with snow.The Track N Go is practically the only equi…

Upcoming Cars of 2016-2017

Hyundai Tucson New `                            17 Lac* Hyundai unveils the all-new 2016 Tucson crossover at the New York International Auto Show. The new model favors a more sporty appeal than the rough look on the earlier model. The signature hexagonal grille makes it look classy  Expected Launch Date: 01 December, 2016 . 
Honda New Accord New

Autonomous Car -Self Driving Vehicle

A CAR sprouting a dome containing a spinning laser sensor and festooned with cameras barely draws a second glance as it edges through the crowded streets of Berkeley. Self-driving cars are no longer a rare sight on Californian roads. Over 100 autonomous vehicles from a dozen manufacturers are now being tested in public, covering hundreds of thousands of kilometres each year.

But this car is different: its human driver keeps his hands firmly on the wheel. The vehicle, nicknamed “George”, a Berlin-based mapping company owned by BMW, Audi and Daimler, is not driving itself but collecting data that enable other cars to do so.
As more new cars are fitted with smart-driving features, such as automatic braking, lane control and overtaking, technology will continue to lead vehicles towards full autonomy. And HD maps will extend beyond the road. such as utility wires, bridges, trees and, in some cases, details of buildings up to 15 storeys. Such data could be used for navigation by another typ…

Kinetic Engineering now landed to Electric Vehicles

Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solution Ltd which is the reliable manufacturer, exporter and supplier of automobile products like Golf Cart, Electric Car Shape BOV, Electric Bus Shape BOV, Utility And Customized BOV, etc. Fabricated in compliance with international quality standards, our products are widely utilized for making vehicles.

It is high in performance, easy to maintain, reliable, durable and cost effective that make it highly proficient for varied usages. We are delivering our range in custom and standards sizes, designs and finishes

The diversification of the firm into low-speed electric vehicles meant for so-called niche applications such as golf carts and garbage carriers will help the firm leverage the Kinetic brand, which is identified with engineering, innovation and technology, Motwani said, while reiterating that it doesn’t plan to re-enter the two-wheeler segment.
Motwani said the diversification into niche vehicles will help the supplier of auto sub-assemblies a…

Amazing the world first Autonomous Racing car

This car made by london based firm, Kinetic, is the worlds first autonomous racing car. They are planning a driverless series called RoboRace that will see upto 10 teams competing in artificially intelligent controlled cars against each other in an F1 style battle, however no actual driver present onboard the car.

This car is set to be featured in shows during the 2016/17 forumla E series and not much else is being said about this top secret project, however we understand that the cars are able to acheive top speeds of more than 186mph

RoboRace is a planned driverless series that will see 10 teams compete to develop the best artificially intelligent controlled car. The vehicles will race at the same events -- though not the same races -- as those of the electric league Formula E. The initial design for the car has been produced by Daniel Simon who said that the low aerodynamic profile is to generate the huge amounts of grip required. "It was important to us that we generate substa…