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Maruti Suzuki Swift Range Extender Hybrid

India is looking at having an all-electric car fleet by 2030. The hybrid and electrical cars enjoy a government rebate under Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric vehicles (FAME) initiative. The popularity of hybrid technology also lies in the cause that they deliver highly fuel efficient stats. Country’s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki is going to launch a car which will be the hybrid version of the country’s top-selling Maruti Suzuki Swift. The car was first being developed for a pilot project, which was to be supplied to the Government of India. However, now the company can launch it for public.

The enhanced SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) Technology was imported by Maruti as of its fuel-saving technology and added features.  The SHVS integrated cars will get the terrific feature that is “A brake energy recovery system” with a start/stop system and Integrated Starter Generator.  A Start/stop system facilitates the engine to shut-off mode when the car is in stationery. …

Nissan Global introduced Direct Adaptive Steering system

The amazing Direct Adaptive Steering  which transmits the driver’s steering inputs that moves the tires through translating the driver’s steering into electronic signals, and independently controlling the angle of the tires, and the steering force. The technology provides a sense of strong propulsion on a variety of road surfaces, and the feeling like you are directly touching the road.'
Technology Functionality : 
In prior systems the driver’s steering inputs were communicated mechanically first. Then the Direct Adaptive Steering system utilizes electronic signals and  transmits the driver’s steer inputs faster than a mechanical system. At the same time, the system communicates information from the road surface to the driver in a way that is faster and easier to understand. 

The system actually communicates with  the driver’s steering inputs to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The ECU then converts the information to control signals for the Steering Angle Actuator, adjusting the…

Cruise Cars International Golf Cart & Utility Vehicle Specialist

Cruise Car has really  redefined their light utility vehicle for market in all government agencies and is now swiftly moving in to the private sector with similar success to hold the good position in market

Cruise cars by the American O.E.M Provider Of Electric & Solar Electric Utility And Specialty Vehicles

Roadster which is Meticulously designed for a fresh and sporty look and offered in several configurations. You won't find these vehicles anywhere else!

It is basically Designed for a major hotel chain with very specific cargo requirements. This hospitality vehicle allows for large laundry baskets to be wheeled on to our extra wide platform, where we have installed custom length channels to prevent the wheels of the laundry crate from moving while the vehicle is in motion.

It can runs upto 5-10miles extra driving distance per day. Zero carbon footprint when operating on solar. Energy saving and 10 year solar warranty. Vehicles are also equipped with an aluminum rear cargo…

GST impact Bajaj Auto reduces price up to Rs 4,500

The Two and three wheeler specially the Bajaj Auto on Wednesday said that they  have  reduced the prices of its bikes by up to Rs 4,500 with immediate effect, in order to pass on the expected GST price advantage to its customers.

The savings will have range up to Rs 4,500 depending on the model and the state in which the motorcycle is purchased," the company said in a statement as per our sources. 

With GST implementation just around the corner, we have felt that it would be appropriate to pass on this significant savings to customers," said Eric Vas, President, Motorcycle Business, Bajaj Auto.  

                                                Image : Teambhp
After the GST is implemented from 1 July onwards , motorcycles with more than 350 cc engines will attract arround 28.84 percent tax, while mid-segment and high-end luxury cars will call for a tax incidence of 32.2 percent.
Source : firstpost, moneycontrol

Impact of GST on car prices

Goods & Service Tax (GST) comes into effect on July 1, 2017 and it will replaces multiple state and central taxes with a single levy, Most buyers are currently facing a similar dilemma – “Should I buy car after GST?” Many of you might also be wondering – “How will GST Affect Car Price?”. Here are some highlights on car prices

classification of cars is carried over (high probability), there will be four broad categories of cars:

1. Small cars – Cars under four-meter length powered by a petrol engine not greater than 1.2-litre or a diesel engine not greater than 1.5-litre by displacement.Tax distribution will be as 28% + 1% or 3% cess

2. Mid-size cars – Cars over four-meter length powered by either a petrol or a diesel engine not greater than 1.5-litre displacement

Tax distribution will be as 28% + 15% cess

3. Luxury cars – Cars over four-meter length powered by either a petrol or a diesel engine that is greater than 1.5-litre displacement

Tax distribution will be as 28% + 15% ces…

Hybrid Air innovative Petrol Car

An innovative full-hybrid petrol solution for the car of the future. 

With Hybrid Air technology, the PSA Group which combines the environmental
advantages of compressed air and the performance of a petrol engine without using electricity. 

Fuel consumption has observed that in certification testing for a standard body type (Peugeot 208 or Citro├źn C3) with no special adaptation.

The innovative characters of the Hybrid Air lies in an all-new combination of technologies with proven performance, resulting in a new type of full-hybrid drive train: petrol and compressed air. 

The reduction in fuel consumption is such that Hybrid Air is considered as a key step in the development of a car consuming under 2 l / 100 km:  45% reduction in urban driving
35% reduction overall (city, motorway, road).

Air mode has adapted to 80% of urban journeys which  is the preferred mode for speeds of up to 70 km/h. This mode stops the internal-combustion engine for a maximum reduction in fuel consumption and zer…

Jenny Tinmouth the first and only female motorcycle racer in British Superbike Championship

Jenny Tinmouth revs her engine on the grid of the British Superbike Championship on Easter weekend, it will be the culmination of a lifelong journey for the 36-year-old. Having spent her entire biking career as a privateer, the first woman to race in the championships was recently which waa signed by Honda in a life‑changing deal.

Tinmouth, who worked alongside Tom Cruise as a stunt double for the actor Rebecca Ferguson in the forthcoming Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, holds several world records to her name as a pioneering female in motorsport but has often struggled to pay the bills to keep her bike on the track.

 Last season Tinmouth had to drop out of the championship, three rounds before the conclusion, because she ran out of money. It was not the first time she had dealt with such financial struggles – recalling her toughest year in 2005 when she could not even afford the fuel to race.

 Honda contract further serves to boost her reputation in a one-year deal that Tinmouth sa…

How to keep your car cool this summer

On a day that is 45°C , the temperature in a vehicle can reach over 50°C because sunlight gets trapped inside. Not only are these temperatures harmful to the body with prolonged exposure, but they can provide unnecessary wear and tear on a vehicle. Fortunately, with the proper way for precautions there are many ways to keep a car cool in the summer sun. 

1. Keeping the Car Cool While It’s Parked

One method that is somewhat handy and completely free is leaving the blankets on the seats while the car is not in use.

 The blanket will be exposed, but the seat will be shielded from direct sunlight. Of course, the blankets will be hot when the driver and passengers return, but they can simply be tossed on the floor or into the trunk. 
2 Use a windshield sunshade.

You have undoubtedly seen sunshades in the windows of cars - maybe with silly messages on them. You may even have one yourself.

A car sunshade is usually a piece of folded cardboard or fabric or other material that you put up aga…

Drive Safer this Winter: Safe Driving Tips in Bad Conditions

While it’s always important to take care when driving your vehicle, winter conditions call for further responsibility for drivers. It’s easy for incidents and accidents to occur when driving conditions aren’t the best. Taking care of your car, and applying specific techniques to your car handling can be a safe way of ensuring you stay safe on the roads in the colder months. 

Apart from driving strategies you should also get your car serviced as often as possible to reduce the risk of an accident happening. The unfortunate factor of motor vehicles is that it’s often in dangerous conditions that defects will reveal themselves, and this can be dangerous.
Accidents can be costly.  They result in your car needing to be repaired by yourself or a mechanic, they cause the need to deal with insurance and more seriously, it can also result in death. When you deal with insurance you should always strive to have you paperwork information sorted in the worst case scenario. This includes knowing …

Bikers had stolen 150 Jeeps with hacked keys

Three years ago and $4.5 million worth of vehicles later, only some of them have been caught till the date.
According to our research sources we got the information about the Members of a one of motorcycle club have spent the last few years stealing 150 Jeep Wranglers in and around the San Diego, California, area. But it’s only just this week that federal and state authorities have shed light on the particularly high-tech methods the bikers used to thieve all those cars.

The thefts date back to 2014, and each one involved a multiple-step process. First, the bikers would scout for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of Jeeps they wanted to steal. Then, they turned to a database maintained by the manufacturer.

It’s unclear how they gained access to the database of the system, according to the San Diego Union Tribune, which mentions that a dealership in Cabo San Lucas “appears to be involved.” However they got it, though, it’s that access that made the thefts possible. Armed with a car…