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Check which vintage car Johnny Depp owns & what are the specifications

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Johnny Depp is very well known American actor, Producer and Musician, who has been nominated for 10 Golden Globe Award as a best actor. He has done several blockbuster Hollywood movies like Pirates of the Caribben, Black Mass, The Tourist, Once upon a time in Mexico and so on.

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He is fond of vintage cars and owns 1959 Corvette. Let's explore a little about this car.

The 1959 Corvette has luxurious cockpit which was designed for navigation comfort. It has V8 engine with twin 4 barrel carburetion with 9.5 : 1 compression ratio which gives the horse power of 230 HP. It has 12 Volt electrically drive pressure lubrication system with full flow oil filter and also dual exhaust system.

It has a clutch semi centrifugal coil spring with force speed synchromesh gear box. Chassis has been designed in the form of box girder, x member reinforce the frames. It has very good suspension system with independent coil spring and rear suspension is m…

Do you know about the Specialty of Flying Car.

Aerobil seems to be one of the vehicle manufacturers which started building flying cars that is combination of plane and flying car together. It will be customer choice to drive on the road or in the air. Let suppose, you are driving your car in Indian roads and you came to know the traffic across it so this will give you the option to enable the flying mode and fly your car to reach your destination. Sounds exciting right? Lot more to know about this concept.

The ease of travelling to different places can be much more closer to cover the distances up to 1000 miles with such efficient technology that comes as modes of transport to reduce the travelling time and in addition airlines alternatives with its powerful engines and greater range . 

The inspiration for the design seems to be a unique and perfect aerodynamic shape. The exterior is designed by paying more attention towards safety features to develop unique and elegant design that is focused for both air and ground purposes.


Why do People prefer Car Wrapping ?

Hello Readers, as we all know that we focus on several things while buying a new car such as design, features, mileage, comfort and the most important "appearance" but it looses its luster over the time.
So to rejuvenate, we can either re-paint or get a car wrap done to get a different look than before. Car Wraps are now in trend which can make your car look attractive and the highest attraction for customer is to choose and select whatever color they want which is available with 100's of colors. 

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Wrapping film is actually made of Vinyl Carbon Fiber which provides variety of shades and finishes to create innovative design into your car body. The wrapping  can compete the same car with attractive look and wow feature for the customer.

According to our research study, the different types of wrapping are listed below so the customer gets the different texture and innovative looks

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1. Texture Car Wrap.

2. Innovative Ca…

Amazing Car collection of Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez is a famous Sri Lankan Model and Actress who by and large works in Bollywood (Indian Film Industry) since 2009. She made a debut with Aladin Movie in 2009 and she has done number of hits films such as Murder 2, Houseful 2, Kick, Roy, Judwa 2, Dhishoom and now on going Netflix series Mrs. Serial Killer.
As per the sources Jacqueline is a fond of luxurious cars, so let’s see which all cars she has in her car collection.
Image Source: carandbike 1.Jeep CompassJeep is a brand of American Automobile and division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). Jeep compass is having Multijet II Turbo Dieselwith displacement of 1956 CC. The dimensions of vehicle is 4398 mm x 1818 mm x 1657 mm (LxWxH) with wheel base of 2636 mm.

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The Jeep Compass have attractive and useful features like Terrain Management System with auto snow, sand, mud, rock mode and dynamic steering torque also compatible with traction control system ABS, EBD, child seat anchors and electronic r…

Unique Collection of the Smallest IC Engine in the world

The internal combustion engine (ICE) is a type of heat engine in where combustion process in fuel occurs for an oxidization in a  chamber that is an integral part of the system.

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Theory acually said that the smallest engine runs on Single Atom. The nano engine can  work like as used by the first using tiny electrodes in a cone of electromagnetic energy. The principle  of the engine can be built all about ion .

As per  the sources, the smallest 4 stroke spark ignition engine was built at NewYork by Georg Luhrs.
Here we have some collection of smallest IC Engines which are built for different applications such as model.

1. World Smallest Hand  Small Engine The engine is with displacement of 44cc and length of 5 inches.
This engine starts using hand lever which you need to rotate 3-4 times then it starts cranking .

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2. Tiny V 12 Engine

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3. Ronald Valentine's Combustion Engines

4. Tiny V8 Engine

Image Source : craftsmanshipmus…

Top 6 Powerful Bikes in the World

When we hear the word "Top Powerful Bikes", what comes to your mind , Does it mean powerful engine or powerful feature ?

To find out the exact meaning in which we are elaborating this word, please go down and check about the powerful bikes covers with all features and advantages. All powerful bikes are not always be called as sports bikes , few we listed here are also non sports bikes. (No. 5 & 6)

1. Suzuki Haybussa
2. Kawasaki Ninja
3. Honda Black bird
4. Yamaha YZF 
5. Dodge Tomahawk (500 Horsepower)
6. Rapom V8 (1,200 Horsepower)

1. Suzuki Haybussa:

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Suzuki Hayabusaa is always heard from youngsters whenever we ask which is your favorite sports bike. This bike is called as most sporty bike since year 1999. It has displacement of 1340 cc with 197bhp @9500 rpm of 6-speed -constant mesh gear mechanism. This is also claimed as fastest production in the field of motorcycles.This is a powerful bike in terms of engine covering top speed of 312 km/h .